Early Catholics in Coreen – 1963 article

Article from Corowa Free Press, Tuesday Sept 3rd 1963

[Research: courtesy of Anne Kingston, Coreen]

“During the second decade of this century the large, far-reaching Parish of Corowa, which then included Howlong, Oaklands (then known as Clear Hills), Daysdale, Hopefield, Ringwood and other smaller areas was for many years in charge of the late Rev. Father P. Hickey.


It was during this period an Irishman, Mr John Kilcummins, who had won in a land ballot a property, came from Ringwood to live in the district. He assisted Father Hickey in making arrangements for the celebration of Mass at the home of Mr & Mrs Joe Talbot and family. Catholics assembled there for some years from distant parts of the district to attend Mass.

Later, after the formation of the Balldale Parish, the Rev. Father Ryan came to Coreen and celebrated Mass in the home of the late Mr & Mrs Culhane. After the inclusion of Brocklesby in the Balldale Parish, this arrangement ceased.


The Coreen Hall, erected about this time, 1913, was then used, the Rev. Father Hickey being the celebrant there for many years. He was succeeded by the Rev. Father Bonner, the Rev. Father O’Reilly and our present pastor, Monsignor Lane.


All parishioners are delighted and most grateful to have the beautiful church dedicated to Pope Pius X erected for the celebration of Mass and other ceremonies in honour of God our Heavenly Father.” (end of article)

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