Honour Roll – Parish Deceased


[Stained glass: Resurrected Jesus and Two Marys. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, S. Carolina. Quaker Glass Co. 1912]

Parish Honour Roll

This page honours parishioners of Corowa, including Sisters and Priests who have served in the parish. The foundation members, the ancestors, relatives and friends who have been members of St Mary’s parish should be in the thoughts and prayers of the parish.

Hence we pray in the funeral liturgy:

“May the angels lead you into paradise.

May the martyrs come to welcome you

and take you to the Holy City,

the new and eternal Jerusalem.”

*  *  *

Funeral booklet of recently deceased parishioners

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Irene Theresa Hynes 30th Dec 1923 – 16th April 2017

Brendan Kevin McMillan 15th July 1956 – 4th March 2017

Christine Hughes 29th April 1947 – 25th Feb 2017

Henry (Harry) Alexander Caughey 9th Sept 1927 – 1st Feb 2017

Patricia Celine McCormick 9th May 1930 – 19th January 2017

John Charles Williamson 1st Nov 1936 – 2nd Jan 2017

Denis Joseph (Dinny) Carroll 29th Dec 1925 – 30th Dec 2016

Leo Hanrahan 17th May 1922 – 24th December 2016

Johanna Mary (Maureen) King 1st Jan 1928 – 16th Nov 2016

John ‘Juice’ Kingston 24th July 1966 – 15th Nov. 2016

Christopher John Erickson 7th Aug. 1931 – 8th Nov. 2016

Victoria Lilian Donald 18th March 1927 – 7th September 2016

Faye Beatrice Lovie 26th August 1936 – 27th August 2016

Francis Brendan Murphy 10th April 1932 – 31st July 2016

Harold (Bill) Chisnall 8th January 1914 – 19th July 2016

Francis Henry Tuck 24th July 1931 – 1st July 2016

Doris Marion Robinson 3rd Sept 1929 – 9th June 2016

Bernice Ann Chetcuti 16th Feb 1947 – 7th June 2016

John Edward Donald 5th Sept 1926 – 24th May 2016

George Francis Cole 22nd Oct 1932 – 11th 2016

Kenneth George Boxall 14th Nov. 1929 – 7th May 2016

Anne Kingston 24th May 1935 – 24th April 2016

Shannon John Elmore 4th Dec 1975 – 12th April 2016

Thomas Francis McMahon d. 17th March 2016 aged 95 years

Henry Laurence Kingston 22nd Nov 1934 – 4th Mar 2016

Carmel Mary Talbot 18th July 1931 – 25th February 2016

Arthur Joseph Collins 21st July 1928 – 6th Feb 2016

Nellie Dullard 8th Jan 1937 – 3rd Feb 2016

Kevin Cantlon 12th Feb 1934 – 20th Nov 2015

Elizabeth (Betty) Griffin 4th Sept 1928 – 9th Nov 2015

Mathew Laurence Talbot 8th Sept 1927 – 26th Oct 2015

Laurie Fitzgerald 20th January 1926 – 25th October 2015

Phyllis Mary Robinson 20th March 1920 – 26th October 2015

Pauline Nora Bellette 6th June 1934 – 21st October 2015

Raymond Jeffries Currie 20th March 1933 – 26th Sept 2015

Patricia Anne Seymour 1st February 1936 – 29th August 2015

Peter Patrick Howe 9th January 1935 – 25th August 2015

Ursula Mary Bartlett 15th January 1920 – 3rd August 2015

Raewyn Dorothy Widdison 22nd April 1937 – 26 July 2015

William Brian Phibbs 26th April 1943 – 26th July 2015

Leonard Clifford Sambell 5th December 1925 – 28th June 2015

Michelle Therese Hogan 23 February 1963 – 25th June 2015

Special addition – at request of Ruth Scown (mother of Michael,

and daughter of Eileen):

Eileen Mary Schneider 17th Feb 1918 – 22nd Feb 2013

Michael Andrew Scown 7th May 1966 – 29th June 2015

Patrick Joseph Whitty 5th August 1936 – 21st June 2015

Cornelius Bernard ‘Bernie’ McKay 28 Sept 1931 – 29 May 2015

Natalie Anne Lawrence 30 May 1977 – 16 May 2015

ANZAC William Herbert Crisfield 06.05.1915

Shirley Yvonne Ash 18.04.2015

Kevin Seymour 27.03.2015

Patricia Mary Seymour

Kevin John Lovell

William Vincent Fitzgerald

Imelda Theresa Gauci 23.07.1936 – 15.01.2015

Irene Joan Sandral 09.01.2015

Pauline Mary Kerr

Clifton Michael Broderick

William Alfred Tunstall

John Edward Hickey

Vera Daniel Petteit

Mark James Fitzgibbon

Kevin John Elliott

Kerry Ann Plunkett

Judith Jean Raggett

Sister Elizabeth Mitchell RSM

Maria Jennifer Jaszczyk

Jace Reed Whyte

Noreen Carmel Rourke

Patricia Carmel Kelly

Margaret May Elliott

Brian Thomas Knight

John Patrick Skehan

Mary Monica Hingston – nee O’Shanassy

B John Hanrahan

Nicole Collins

Leonie MacPherson

Mick Fitzgerald

Pauline Athena Harris

Kathleen Keyes

Frances Julia Hanrahan 

Ongoing Project

This is an ongoing project, because there will always be new names to be added – those of the recently deceased and the records of those who have died in earlier years. If you notice any omissions or mistakes, please contact us at the email address below.


Make a list of your family’s departed members who lived in our parish and give it to the parish secretary or email it to the parish priest:  smpcph@bigpond.com.au It will be uploaded as soon as can be arranged.

Provide accurate details

When providing relatives’ names, give the birth date and the date of death of each member.  If you have a photograph of the relative to go with the name, submit it as well. It may be possible to have them added together.  If you have a relative who has died in recent years and a Mass booklet was printed for their funeral, contact the parish office if you would like the photo on the front to be the one uploaded.

14.1 XIV - OK

St Mary’s – 14th Station of the Cross: Jesus is laid in the tomb

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Kevin Cantlon, Betty Griffin, Laurie Talbot, Laurie Fitzgerald, Phyllis Robinson, Pauline Bellette, Michael Connell, Mary Hodgkin, Ray Currie, Pat Seymour, Peter Howe, Ursula Bartlett, William Phibbs, Michelle Hogan, Len Sambell, Michael Scown, Patrick Whitty, Natalie Lawrence, Shirley Ash, Kevin Seymour, Joan Sandral, Imelda Gauci, Pauline Kerr.


Vera Daniel Petteit, Mark James Fitzgibbon, Kevin John Elliott, Kerry Ann Plunkett, Judith Jean Raggett, Sr Elizabeth Mitchell RSM, Maria Jennifer Jaszczyk, Jace Reed Whyte, Patricia Carmel Kelly, Brian Thomas Knight, Margaret Elliott, John Skehan, Mary Monica Hingston (nee O’Shanassy, Corowa), B. John Hanrahan, Nicole Collins, Mary Sterrett, Sr Anne (Monica) Gale, Leonie Macpherson


 Mick Fitzgerald, Suzanne Knight, Patricia Seymour, Pauline Harris, Kathleen Keyes, Frances Hanrahan, Alan Whitty, Dimpy Weston(nee King), Marianne Marsden, Peter Kelly, Marj Strachan, Ken Hughes, Marie Kaitler, Belinda Nagle, Thomas Tomlinson, Pat Fogarty, Kathleen Harders, Mary McLellan(Berrigan), Patricia McDonald (Melbourne), John Souquet, Nancy Nathan, Bernice Gale, Patricia Potter, Sr. Jean Murray RSM, Eileen Schneider.

Priests  who served the region before Corowa had its own Parish Priests

(Historical notes are taken from The Church by the Rocky River – St Mary’s Corowa 1878 – 1978)

1853: Fr Michael Ryan, en route from Sydney to Melbourne, said a Mass in Albury (approx. 100-150 Catholics in the town).

1856: Fr John Maher appointed first Parish Priest of Albury. The Crown made a grant of land to him for a church (current location of St Patrick’s Albury, opened 1872).

1857: Fr Con Twomey, the ‘Apostle of the Murray’, who served the Albury parish for 10 years. At that time the parish included Wagga and extended from the source of the Murray in the east to the junction with the Murrumbidgee near Robinvale in the west.

1867: Fr McAlroy appointed parish priest of Albury. Died on July 14th 1880 and is buried behind the high altar in St Patrick’s Albury.

The first church in Corowa was opened in 1875 and priests came every month to say Mass for the local Catholic community. Among them were Fathers Patrick Bermingham, Joseph Dowling, Richard Butler and Richard Kiely; they also served the Mass centres at Howlong, Mulwala, Quat Quatta, Goombargana, Lowesdale, Daysdale  and Collendina.

Fr Charles Lovat SJ was brought to Australia by Most Rev. W B Ullathorne in 1837.  He was an Englishman born in 1799 and ordained a Jesuit in Rome in 1824 and responded to the invitation to do missionary work in far off Australia. He is accredited with saying the first Mass in Corowa, but there is no record of the date. He died in Liverpool NSW on 20th June 1858. Fr Hartigan described him as “the gentle Fr Lovat, the scholarly Fr Lovat, the saintly Fr Lovat.”

Corowa Parish Priests

First Priest appointed to Corowa: In December 1882, Bishop Lanigan of Goulburn appointed Fr Patrick Bermingham to Corowa, but not yet with the title of parish priest. Unfortunately, he suffered from asthma and returned to Ireland via England. While in England he had a fatal asthma attack and died in London on 9th September 1883.

For a more detailed history of this era of Corowa’s priests click here: Chapter 6  of the Parish history 1878-1978.

Fr Michael Slattery VG (Vicar General), was appointed to Crookwell 1877 and then to Corowa in 1878 as the first Parish Priest. His first Mass in Corowa was on Sunday February 10th 1878. Fr Slattery was transferred to Temora in 1881. He died on February 14th 1907 at the age of 64 and is buried in Wagga.

Fr Patrick Dunne came to Corowa in 1881 from Gundagai, but was transferred to Wagga the following year. Fr Dunne was born in 1818 in Philipstown, King’s County Ireland. He has the distinction of celebrating the first Mass on the goldfields in Ballarat in 1851. He is responsible for the planning and building of most of St Michael’s cathedral in Wagga; that was in 1882 when the town had a population of not more than one thousand. He died at Albury on July 19th 1900 at the age of 81, and is buried at Newtown cemetery.

Father William Bermingham – brother of Fr Patrick Bermingham – came from Wagga to Corowa and arrived in December 1882 and was transferred to Burrowa in March, 1885.

Father John Curley from Temora became parish priest in April 1885 and was transferred to Cootamundra in February, 1889.

Father Walsh was temporarily appointed from Young in 1889.

Father Timothy O’Shaughnessy from Goulburn was appointed in April 1889 and was transferred to Burrowa in January, 1895.

Fathers J J Fogarty and J O’Hanlon deputised for Fr O’Shaughnessy during his absence in Ireland in 1892.

Father Patrick Hickey was born in Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland on September 25th 1857. He came to Corowa in late January, 1895.

Corowa Assistant Priests

Fr Richard Kiely, formerly assistant priest in Albury, was appointed as the first assistant priest in Corowa and arrived early in February 1878. Monsignor Hartigan, in his book The Men of ’38 relates how Fr Kiely came in contact with Ned Kelly and his gang in Jerilderie in 1879. That account which tells of Fr Kiely saying Mass in the Jerilderie courthouse just 50 metres from the police station where the Kellys and Steve Byrne were hiding, has been included in a longer history of the parish on this website. You can check chapter 6 from the 1978 history of the parish The Church by the Rocky River on our website “1878 – 1978 St Mary’s First 100 Years”.

Fr Jerome Hennessy  was appointed to Corowa in 1882, but in the same year transferred to Wagga. He was born in Bandon, Country Cork, Ireland on April 2nd in 1856 and died on April 30th, 1941 at Young, NSW.

Religious Sisters

In 1867 there was only one religious house in the Goulburn diocese which included most of southern New South Wales with approximately 16,000 nominal Catholics. It was the convent of the Sisters of Mercy and had been built by Fr McAlroy. There were 12 sisters in the community and two novices. A second house was established in the diocese that same year – in Albury.

Between the year 1887, when Mother Camillus and Sisters Angela, Evangelista and Celestine were the foundation Sisters, and 1977 when the present history of the parish The Church by the Rocky River was written, Corowa was home to a succession of Religious who maintained the highest ideals of the Mercy Congregation.  Here is an updated list of the names of the deceased Sisters – culled from the official Mercy records in Canberra (September 2013).


[Information supplied by Congregation Headquarters, Canberra, 2013]


SURNAME Given Name

Religious   Name at time of death


Barrett Margaret Christine M Brendan


Young NSW
Buckley Alice M Angela


Albury NSW
Cahill Annie Minnie M Peter


Thurgoona NSW
Connolly Ellen M Fidelis


Bathurst NSW
Crimmins Eileen Ursula M Bernadette


Albury NSW
Curtin Mary M Wenceslaus


Young NSW
Delaney Mary V M Loretto


Albury NSW
Dick Irene M Josephine


Thurgoona NSW
Driscoll Elizabeth M Magdalen


Thurgoona NSW
Driscoll Josephine Mother Basil


Thurgoona NSW
Driscoll Amelia M Rita


Thurgoona NSW
Duffy Clare M Bernadette


Young NSW
Duggan Josephine M Aquin


Thurgoona NSW
Duggan Rose M Clare


Thurgoona NSW
Edwards Edith M Therese


Albury NSW
Esler Carmel Louise M Monica


Albury NSW
Fitzgerald Mary Annabelle M Aquinas


West Wyalong NSW
Forster Patricia Ellen M Leonie


Young NSW
French Jane M de Pazzi


Thurgoona NSW
Garaty Teresa M Vincent


Thurgoona NSW
Gardiner Hilda M Anne


Thurgoona NSW
Gilbert Florence Mary M Zita


Albury NSW
Gilbert Joan M de Sales


Young NSW
Gleeson Margaret M Angela


Thurgoona NSW
Grovener Jenny Augusta M Austin


Yass NSW
Healy Mary M Teresa


Goulburn NSW
Hillas Mary M Camillus


Thurgoona NSW
Hilly Jane M Bridget


Thurgoona NSW
Kearns Ellen M Monica


Thurgoona NSW
Keating Kate M Brigid


Thurgoona NSW
Langford Bridget M Lucy


Thurgoona NSW
Lonergan Mary M Carmel


Thurgoona NSW
Madden Bridget M Julianna


Thurgoona NSW
Maloney Mary M Patrick


North Rocks NSW
Manion Mary M Clare


Goulburn NSW
McCormack Mary Marcella M Kevin


Young NSW
McCosker Dorace Maria Goretti


Young NSW
McGovern E Mary M Borromeo


Thurgoona NSW
McGrath Mary M Claude Colombiere


Thurgoona NSW
McIntyre Mary M Berchmans


Thurgoona NSW
McRae Winifred Jean M Clare


Young NSW
Mitchell Jessie Isabella M Borgia


Young NSW
Murray Marjorie M Dympna


Albury NSW
Murray Jean Margaret Jean (M Jane Francis)


Thurgoona NSW
Newell Mary M Liguori


Thurgoona NSW
Nolan Bridget M Claver


Thurgoona NSW
O’Brien Lorna Mary M Fidelma


Young NSW
O’Donnell Mary M Camillus


Thurgoona NSW
O’Leary Mary M Euphrasia


Thurgoona NSW
O’Grady Vera M Frances


Macquarie Park NSW
Pettigrew Jean M Bernard


Thurgoona NSW
Pryke Winifred M Xavieria


Young NSW
Quinlan Mary M Dominic


Thurgoona NSW
Roach Beryl M Veronica


Young NSW
Roper Margaret M Gabrielle


Goulburn NSW
Ryan Josephine M Agnes


Thurgoona NSW
Seymour Hazel M Imelda


Albury NSW
Sharpe Camilla M Eugenie


Young NSW
Shortal Elizabeth Constance M Helen


Albury NSW
Smith Cecilia Mary M Ignatius


Thurgoona NSW
Stuart Margaret Mother Anthony


Thurgoona NSW
Talbot Kathleen M Perpetua


Thurgoona NSW
Tanner Elizabeth M Benedict


Thurgoona NSW
Tanner Teresa M James


Thurgoona NSW
Tanner Cecilia M Xavier


Thurgoona NSW
Wallace Ada M Stanislaus


Thurgoona NSW
Walsh Johanna M Malachy


Thurgoona NSW
Walsh Mary Eileen M Paul


Young NSW
Ward Margaret M Evangelista


Thurgoona NSW
Wilding Dorothy M Dolores


Albury NSW
Wynne Kate M Joseph


Thurgoona NSW

 2014-03-06 St Marys - 1950s view of Congregation & Sanctuary 001

 St Mary’s Star of the Sea, Corowa – late 1950s