Bulletin 25th December 2016 – CHRISTMAS – the Saviour is born for us

2016 Christmas at St Mary’s  WISDOM OF GOD BEYOND WISDOM OF MEN  How difficult it is to ‘see’ God-with-us in a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in an animal’s manger! How difficult it is to ‘see’ God-with-us working as a carpenter in a workshop in Nazareth – ‘can anything good come from there?’! How […]

Bulletin 9th Oct 2016 – 28th Sun. in OT – Rosary Month

OCTOBER – MONTH OF HOLY ROSARY & PRAYING FOR MARRIAGE What a blessing for Australia that the Bishops are calling for a month of prayer and fasting for marriage! The battle for marriage continues in Australia. Reading mainstream media one is lead to believe that natural marriage will be swept aside. This has not happened in […]