Bulletin 5th February 2017- Jesus invites us to be the Light


Jesus ‘incognito’ is always in our midst. Welcome him.

 Where is the balance? Lock your doors, or welcome the stranger?

The Anti-Beatitudes

    • Blessed are the proud and self-sufficient who believe they are the centre of the earth, for theirs are the kingdoms of the world.
    • Blessed are the content and those who fail to see the suffering of others, for they shall know not of their ignorance.
    • Blessed are the arrogant, and the harsh in attitude, for they shall control the happiness of the less fortunate.
    • Blessed are they who gather expensive things undeservedly and flaunt them in the face of others, for they shall be filled with feelings of superiority.
    • Blessed are the bullies, the unforgiving, and those who force grievance, for they shall cause destruction and keep score.
    • Blessed are the perverted, the adulterers, and the lustful, for they shall be esteemed by Satan for growing his kingdom.
    • Blessed are the warmongers, the agitators and the vengeful, for they shall be the children of Satan.
    • Blessed are they who do evil but fail to get caught, for they shall be considered heroes.
    • Blessed are the liars, the gossipers, and those who make fun of others to cause them harm and embarrassment, for they shall have confidence and be placed ahead of others.


How did you score? Will you lock your doors to keep Jesus out?   He is clearly dangerous, teaching against our world’s views with His beatitudes.

Last Sunday’s Gospel taught us the Beatitudes of Jesus. It is good to consider the opposite of the beatitudes to make us realise we may be on the wrong track- further from Jesus’ words than we thought.


*Sun 5th Feb ADORATION DAY AT ST MARY’S 10am-1pm – Benediction 12.45pm

*Sun 5th Feb 7pm SRE (Script. Teachers) Dedication at Baptist Church, 77 Tower St.



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* Karinya chapel – Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am+ 9am Mass

Remember in Prayer

Merle Trimble, Patricia McCormick, John Williamson, Dinny Carroll, Leo Hanrahan, Maureen King, John Kingston, Sr Therese Anne Esler, Chris Erickson, Lillian Donald, Stefan Svarc, Frank Murphy,  Frank Tuck, Doris Robinson


  • Scripture Teachers for State Primary Schools (Fr Paul & Arthur C. retiring)
  • Sacristans (John O’Donoghue ret.)
  • Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick and elderly (many are frail and looking to retire)
  • Collection Counters (Laurie and Nancy Hughes retiring)

Please contact Fr Paul for further details..


Position Vacant – Youth Ministry Worker (Part-Time) The Diocese of Wagga Wagga is seeking to employ a part-time Youth Ministry Worker for the Murray Deanery working collaboratively with the other Diocesan Youth Ministry Workers. The successful applicant will work under the direction of the appointed Youth Chaplains. The position will be 10 hours per week.

 APPLICATION FORM AVAILABLE AT:  www.wagga.catholic.org.au

MASS INTENTIONS 4th – 11th Feb 2017

Sat 4th Feb St Thomas Aquinas

6.30pm (Leo & Francie Hanrahan;  John Hanrahan, Tom Sheridan)


9.00am Mass (All Parishioners)

Mon 6th St Paul Miki & Co. 

9am M (Arthur Collins, Arthur Thompson; Fr Andrew Quinn (Corowa Assist. in 1980s) d. Sydney, aged 101)

Tue 7th

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Wed 8th February

9am M (Jegadeesh fm, Marl. Howard, K Norris)

Thurs 9th

11.40 Nov. & M. (Merle Trimble, Dinny Carroll, Sr T-A Esler)

Fri 10th St Scholastica

9am M (John Williamson, John Kingston, Chris Erikson)

Sat 11th Our Lady of Lourdes

9am M (Steve Svarc, Doris Robinson, Maureen King)

6.30pm (Frank Murphy, Carmel McLennan, Frank Tuck)


LITURGY ROSTER for 11th – 12th Feb 2017


6.30pm Salmon Fm

9.00am Svarc Fm


6.30pm R Packer C Knight

9.00am B & E Christy

Special Minister:

6.30pm I Brooks J Lowden

9.00am B Christy R Taylor

Altar: M Macqueen


6.30pm Sandral Fm

9.00am C Sutcliffe

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Collection: T Moroney

Counters:  Robert Packer, Ian Brooks