Bulletin 15th January 2017 – 2nd Sun. in OT – John witnesses to Jesus

Resolutions for the New Year – from Pope Francis’ teaching:

  1. DON’T GOSSIP. “When we gossip, we “are doing what Judas did,” and “begin to tear the other person to pieces. Every time we judge our brother in our hearts or worse when we speak badly of them with others, we become murdering Christians,” Francis says. “There is no such thing as innocent slander.”
  2. FINISH YOUR MEAL. “Throwing food away is like stealing from the tables of the poor, the hungry! I encourage everyone to reflect on the problem of thrown away and wasted food to identify ways and means that are a vehicle of solidarity and sharing with the needy.”
  3. MAKE TIME FOR OTHERS. “If the Pope can find time to be kind to others, if he can pause to say thank you, if he can take a moment make someone feel appreciated, then so can I. So can we.” – Fr James Martin
  4. CHOOSE THE ‘MORE HUMBLE’ PURCHASE. “Certainly, possessions, money, and power can give a momentary thrill, but they end up possessing us. Place your trust in Christ and you will never be disappointed!”
  5. MEET THE POOR ‘IN THE FLESH’. “Hospitality in itself isn’t enough. It’s not enough to give a sandwich if it isn’t accompanied by the possibility of learning to stand on one’s own feet. Charity that does not change the situation of the poor isn’t enough.”



*Fri 27th Jan 5.30pm Mass – at St Mary’s 6.30pm for 7pm Farewell Dinner at RSL Federation Room with Fr Paul before his retirement. All Welcome.

BOOKINGS – Names & Number attending to:  P & B Ridge (Sat.) B & C O’Shea (Sun) after week-end Masses at back table. ($30 adults; $13 for 14yrs & under). RSVP Sun 22nd January

 BOOKINGS (from outside parish):

Parish Office: Phone: 02 6033 1927        Email: smpcph@bigpond.com

Postal:  St Mary’s Parish, PO Box 69, Corowa. NSW. 2646.


*Sun 29th  January: St Mary’s Sunday Mass is 8.00am [today only]

*Sun 29th January: 9.30am Federation Festival Ecumenical Service at ‘the Mound’ Bangarang Park. [St Mary’s to lead prayers]

*Tue 31st Schools return. All welcome back!



Wednesdays 9am to 5pm at St Mary’s Presbytery rear flat. Run by Centacare and Sisters of Mercy. Ph. 0448772010.



* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. Wed 4.30pm

* McLean’s, 5a Lindsay St., Wed 5.30pm

* Karinya chapel – Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am+ 9am Mass


Remember in Prayer

John Williamson, Dinny Carroll, Leo Hanrahan, Maureen King, John Kingston, Sr Therese Anne Esler, Chris Erickson, Lillian Donald, Stefan Svarc, Frank Murphy,  Frank Tuck, Doris Robinson,


MASS INTENTIONS 14th – 21st JAN 2017

Sat 14th Jan

6.30pm (Shane Clohessy; Imelda Gauci; Agnes Gannon)

Sun 15th 2nd SUN. ORDINARY TIME YR A  

9.00am Mass (All Parishioners)

Mon 16th

9am M (Kevin Hanrahan, Charlie Cleary)

Tue 17th St Anthony (Early Desert Monk)

9am M (Vince & Joan Fitzgerald; Mick Fitzgerald)

Wed 18th

9am M (Steve & Tom Curran; Maureen King; Doris Robinson)

Thurs 19th

11.40 Nov. & M. (Sheridan & Haddrick fms; Iris Drum)

Fri 20th

10am (Hall) Mass of Anointing (Sick & Infirm)

Sat 21st  St Agnes, Martyr

9am M (Margaret & Gerry Naughtin; Ryan & Lane fms)

6.30pm (John Skehan; Spencer & Waterhouse fms)


LIT. ROSTER for 21st – 22nd Jan 2017


6.30pm O’Halloran fm

9.00am Svarc fm


6.30pm J Lowden A Norman

9.00am M Milthorpe

Special Minister:

6.30pm D & A Norman

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar: M Fitzgibbon


6.30pm Sandral fm

9.00am T Moroney

Altar Servers:



Collection: Matt Drum

Counters:  Laurie & Nancy Hughes