Bulletin 20th Nov 2016 – Christ the King Yr C


“Jesus, remember me, when you come into your kingdom.” (Luke 23.42)

 Today, the Jubilee Year of Mercy officially closes, but that spirit of being open to God’s infinite mercy and of extending merciful assistance to others should live on in our hearts.

 Jesus Christ the King, crowned with a crown of thorns and dying on Calvary, in his final earthly act of mercy reaches out to the repentant thief, Dismas: “This day you will be with me in paradise.” May we hear the same words from the lips of Jesus.

 The words of the Offertory Hymn – ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom’ are the words Dismas speaks to Jesus from his own cross. We make them ours through the Taizé melody as we join the song and meditate on the YouTube images of Jesus.

Our Communion song likewise celebrates Jesus’ kingship. Join in this strong composition by Australian, Fr. Frank Andersen MSC:

 Blessings on the King 

  1. Blessings on our King! Blessings on our King! Honour! Glory! Praise and thanks! Blessings on our King! 
  2.  Jesus is our King! There is just one Lord! Lord of life and Lord of death! Jesus is our Lord! 
  3. Who do you say I truly am? What is your faith in me? “You are the One promised of old! Son of the Living God!” 
  4. Blessings on our King! Blessings on our King! Honour! Glory! Praise and thanks! Blessings on our King!  
  5. This is my Son, truly beloved! My Spirit lives in Him! Listen to Him! Open your hearts: He is my gift to you!  
  6. Sing your praises now! Sing Hosanna, sing! We praise you, We bless you, Lord! Blessings on our king!



*Sun 20th Nov 7pm CHRISTMAS WITHOUT THEM in St Mary’s church. Supper to follow at RSL.

*Sat-Sun 26th-27th National Church Life Survey will be taken during the weekend  Masses. The survey is a predictor of the health of the parish and can help us to see, evaluate and act. Feedback through our churchgoers enables better planning.

 *Mon 28th Nov. 9.30am Wrap with Love in St Mary’s Hall


Wednesdays 10am & 2pm at St Mary’s Presbytery rear flat. Run by Centacare and Sisters of Mercy. Ph. 0448772010.



* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. Wed 4.30pm

* McLean’s, 5a Lindsay St., Wed 5.30pm

* Karinya chapel – Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am+ 9am Mass


Remember in Prayer

Maureen King, John Kingston, Sr Therese Anne Esler RSM, Chris Erickson, Don Tunningley (Papworth), ‘Wally Day’, Frances Garvey, Rose McMillan, Lillian Donald, Maxine Potter, Stefan Svarc, Faye Lovie,  Frank Murphy,  Frank Tuck, Doris Robinson, Jenny King, Anne Kingston, Shannon Elmore



Bishop Hanna has retired to Armidale & Archbishop Prowse of Canberra-Goulburn is acting as the Wagga diocese administrator. Before retiring, Bishop Hanna confirmed that Fr Paul Hart would cease being Parish Priest of Corowa as of the end of January 2017. He will be replaced by an Administrator priest until the new bishop of Wagga arrives and appoints a parish priest.

MASS INTENTIONS Nov 19th – 26th Nov.

Sat 19th

6.30pm (Jim, Janet, Carmel, Maureen, & Cathy Carroll)


9.00am Mass (All Parishioners)

10.45am Mass at St Pius X, Coreen

Mon 21st Presentation of Our Lady

9am M (Pat, Fiona & Joanne Kelly)

Tue 22nd St Cecilia  

9am M (Noel & Pat Loorham, Pat Potter, Paul Farquer)

Wed 23rd St Columban; St Clement I

9am M (Chisnall, Curran, King & Robinson fms)

Thurs 24th St Andrew Dun Lac & Comp.

11.40 Nov & M (Filiponi, Hanrahan & Scott fms)

Fri 25th St Catherine of Alexandria

9am Mass (Claude Tomlinson fm, Culhane & Smith fms)

Sat 26th

9am M (Ron Bennett; Sutcliffe & Day Fms)

Mass of First Sunday of Advent

6.30pm (Imelda Gauci; De Bono & Taylor fms)


LITURGY ROSTER for 26th – 27th November


6.30pm O’Halloran Fm

9.00am Svarc Fm


6.30pm D Forge A Norman

9.00am M Milthorpe

Special Minister:

6.30pm D & A Norman

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar:  M Doyle



9.00am T Moroney

Altar Servers:


9.00am T Wynn M Wilson

Collection: M Drum

Counters:  R Packer I Brooks


“The Journey”


This week on the Journey, we have Sr Hilda Scott OSB from the Abbey sharing her Wisdom on “What are we doing here”? Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy, sharing a great interview with Fr James of Divine Renovation pt1(Repeat).  You will also be hearing from Sam Cleary in his segment Walking the Walk and talking about “Facing the Darkness” and Francine Pirola in SMARTloving give some wonderful marriage tips on “Daily Appreciation”. To add to this line up, we have some great contemporary Christian music, put it all together and we have a show that is all about faith, hope and life. Tune into LIFE 101.9 FM or 98.5 THE LIGHT Albury-Wodonga Sun 11am or go to www.jcr.org.au  or www.itunes.jcr.org.au  where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.