Bulletin 23rd Oct. 2016 – 30th Sun in OT – Rosary helps you



Pray the Rosary … you will be provided with plentiful nourishment that will strengthen your heart and cheer your soul. [Virtual Holy Rosary]

Pray the Rosary, says God, and do not worry about what some scatterbrains might tell you—that it is an old-fashioned devotion and that no one says it anymore.

This prayer, I tell you, emanates from the Gospel, which can never be changed. What delights me in the Rosary, says God, is that it is simple and it is humble. As were my Son and his Mother.

Pray the Rosary and you will find all the people present in the Gospel at your side—the poor uneducated widow, the repentant publican who forgot his catechism, the frightened adulteress others wanted to condemn, all the crippled ones saved by their faith, and the good old shepherds, like those of Bethlehem, who met my Son and his Mother.

Pray the Rosary, says God, since your prayer needs to turn and turn over again, like the Rosary beads are churned between your fingers. Then, when it is my will, I can assure you, you will be provided with plentiful nourishment that will strengthen your heart and cheer your soul.

Go now, says God, pray the Rosary and keep your mind at peace.

– Charles Péguy (1873-1914) French poet, essayist and editor, killed on the battlefield during WWI 


*Wed. 26th Oct at 12.30pm BALLDALE MAJELLAN GROUP meeting will be held at Rich Glen Olive Estate, 734 Murray Valley Hwy, Yarrawonga. Meet at St Mary’s Corowa carpark 11.30am. All welcome.

*Thu 27th Oct. 6pm at Oddfellows Hall Carpe Diem stars famed Aussie actor John Wood. The issues at the heart of the play – stress, grief, loss and depression – are certainly prevalent today, with concerning rates of suicide and depression affecting Australian men, particularly those in rural communities. It is an entertaining look at how friendship and proper care give a man the strength to cope and the tools to carry on… IT’S FREE!! and a Sausage Sizzle follows. Sponsors incl. our own Federation Council. More info here.


  • I enjoyed the scene where John talks to the doctor and describes his feelings. Simple but detailed.
  • Thank you so much. You have inspired me to see my GP tomorrow and to take more notice of what is happening to others. Thanks a million!
  • Nice to see the openness done with men. Often judged as weakness in men and women too. Good to show it’s not.
  • Very encouraging to attend an entertaining night with such a vital powerful message.
  • Very entertaining. I can see how this play could benefit men of all ages. The sensitive issues brought to the forefront with humour.
  • Eye opening. Very truthful towards serious issues.
  • Very informative and gives good ideas for bringing up conversations and helps to not feel weak or a failure for needing to see a psychologist or take medications.

*29th-30th Oct. CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC RENEWAL Conf. in Mons. Jeffery Centre, St Brendan’s Shepparton. Guest speaker: Fr Otobo

*HELP FETE! Volunteers, please: sandwiches, cakes and slices for the Fete ‘High Tea’. Please drop in to school on Sunday morning. Contact: Nicole Forge: 60331241.

* Sun 30th Oct. 10am ST MARY’S SCHOOL FETE at the school. All welcome.

*Mon 31st October 9.30am Wrap with Love in St Mary’s Hall

*BLUMES LADIES’ SUMMER FASHIONS in St Mary’s Hall – hosted by CWL – Fri 4th Nov. at 10.30am. $5 entrance; Lucky Door prize and Morning Tea. All ladies welcome! Ladies, a plate, please.



Wednesdays 10am Group Parenting Course

Wednesdays 2pm Anger Management at St Mary’s Presbytery rear flat. Run by Centacare and Sisters of Mercy. Ph. 0448772010.

Also available: Literacy & Numeracy courses, and Financial Planning for Families.



* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. Wed 4.30pm

* McLean’s, 5a Lindsay St., Wed 5.30pm

* Karinya chapel – Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am+ 9am Mass


Remember in Prayer

Frances Garvey, Rose McMillan, Lillian Donald, Maxine Potter, Stefan Svarc, Faye Lovie,  Frank Murphy,  Frank Tuck, Doris Robinson, Jenny King, Anne Kingston, Shannon Elmore


MASS INTENTIONS 22nd – 29th Oct

Sat 22nd


Sun 23rd Oct 30th Sunday of OT 

9.00am Mass (For all Parishioners)

Mon 24th  – Wed 26th & Fri 28th

No 9.00 a.m. Masses

Thurs 27th

11.40 Novena & 12 noon Mass

Sat 29th St John Paul II

No 9am Mass

6.30pm (Fr Paul returns from Vacation)


LITURGY ROSTER for 29th – 30th October


6.30pm O’Halloran fm

9.00am  CWL


6.30pm J Lowden, J Schnelle

9.00am M Milthorpe

Special Minister:

6.30pm K O’Halloran, M Skehan

9.00am K Roberts, P Lemmon

Altar: M Campbell


6.30pm D & E Clohessy

9.00am T Moroney

Altar Servers:


9.00am  Zara Rippingale, Victoria Kreun


Counters: R Packer, I Brooks



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