Bulletin 19th June 2016 12th Sun in OT – ‘Who do you say I am?’


Luke 9.20 Who do you say I am

Prayer for the week: “Lord, help me truly know you and love you.”


2016 Election Issues (cont.)

(C Gordon, in Catholic Weekly, 05.06.2016 p.24)

The ramifications of legalising same-sex marriage will also be felt in our schools. The Safe Schools LGBTIQ indoctrination program will be implemented in all schools. The Greens are proposing to spend $32 million of our money over four years on Safe Schools.

Religious Schools will not be exempt from teaching this harmful program to children. Parents who object will be told “hard luck!” The radical Marxist ideologues from Melbourne’s La Trobe University will be running their twisted form of sex-education in Catholic schools.

Students who are genuinely suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction or struggling with gender identity issues will not get the actual help that they need.

Make no mistake, the authors of the Safe Schools program have no regard for the pastoral care of same-sex attracted persons. These would-be social engineers see marriage, the family and our binary (male-female) understanding of gender as control mechanisms of the State.

The Trotskyist mastermind of the Safe Schools program, Roz Ward, wishes to destroy marriage and gender. She envisages a glorious sexual revolution where our bedrock understanding of male-female marriage is smashed. She would usher in a self-fulfilling golden era where all forms of sexuality, or disordered or otherwise, are embraced by all. Ward is using same-sex attracted persons as pawns in her war on our culture.

It is increasingly difficult to understand why the Federal Government allows crazy neo-Marxists to design and implement political propaganda programs like Safe Schools when Department of Education protocols forbid such a thing.

We only need to look around the world to see what has happened to religious liberty in other countries that have legalised same-sex marriage. In Canada, people who object to the same-sex agenda are taken away for “sensitivity training”. Parents cannot take their children out of classes where queer ideology is being taught.

Since the landmark ruling in the USA Supreme Court, priests and ministers can be compelled to act against their own conscience and marry same-sex couples. The state can remove civil marriage powers from any religious practitioner who refuses to participate in same-sex weddings. – C. Gordon (Dir. Syd. Archd. Life, Marr. & Fam. Centre)




*Mon 20th June 9.30am WRAP WITH LOVE in the Hall.

*Wed 22nd June 12.30pm MAJELLAN MEETING at Mairead Conroy’s, 61 Thomas Ave. All welcome.

*Sat 25-Sun 26 June: Special collection for works of Holy Father Pope Francis

*Tues 28th June 5.30pm Finance Committee Meeting

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*Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd July: Welcome Fr Vin Walsh for Corowa Masses.

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Remember in Prayer

Ken MacQueen, Doris Robinson, Bernice Chetcuti (nee Stone), George Cole, Ken Boxall, Anne Kingston, Shannon Elmore, Henry Kingston, Arthur Collins, Carmel Talbot, Betty Griffin.


MASS INTENTIONS 18th – 25th June

Sat 18th

6.30pm (Arthur & Helen Collins; George Cole)

Sun 19th

9.00am Mass (For all Parishioners)

Mon 20th

9am Mass (Orlando & Port Arthur victims)

Tue 21st St Aloysius Gonzaga 

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LITURGY ROSTER for 25th – 26th June


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