17th Jan. 2016 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr C


Everyone is interested in a marriage. If the human heart does not have enough love in its heart, it seeks out those who are in love. The most famous marriage in history was at Cana, because Our Blessed Lord was present there. A marriage in the East was always a time of great rejoicing. The bridegroom went to the home of the bride, and in those days it was never the bride who kept the bridegroom waiting, but rather the bridegroom, as in the parable, who kept the bride waiting.

The bride was veiled, from head to foot, to symbolize her subjection as a wife. Both partners fasted the whole day before the marriage and confessed their sins in prayer as on the Day of Atonement. Ceremonies began at twilight, for it was a custom in Palestine, no less than in Greece: To bear away The bride from home at blushing shut of day. The Cana marriage is the only occasion in Sacred Scripture where Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is mentioned before Him. It is very likely that it was one of her relatives who was being married, and possible that she was present at the wedding before Him.

It is a beautiful and a consoling thought that Our Blessed Lord, Who came to teach. sacrifice, and urge us to take up our cross daily, should have begun His public life by assisting at a marriage feast.

(Bp Fulton Sheen – The World’s First Love)

In Western secular society many think little of religion and spiritual values; it’s a time when a marriage in a park is as good as in a church, or that no wedding is necessary at all. So, to receive an invitation to a wedding that will be celebrated during a Mass and in the Catholic Tradition always brings a frisson of excitement.

Underlying the ceremony should be the deepening faith of the young couple – supported by faith-filled family and friends. Encourage all young couples to invite Jesus to their wedding. His presence brings abundant and everlasting blessings.



24 Jan (Sunday) Federation Festival Corowa

  • NB 8.00am Mass at St Mary’s;
  • 9.30am Ecumenical Service on the Mound.
  • 11.00am Parade in Sanger Street, Corowa.



 Next Mass Fri 5th Feb 10am at Karinya.



* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. Wed 4.30pm

* McLean’s, 5a Lindsay St., Wed 5.30pm

* Karinya chapel – Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am+ 9am Mass


Remember in Prayer

Fr Warren Mossfield, Brian O’Neill, Fr Baltrame, Betty Griffin, Laurie Talbot, Mary Hodgkin, Ray Currie, Pat Seymour, Ursula Bartlett, Michelle Hogan, Len Sambell, Michael Scown, Joan Sandral, Imelda Gauci.


MASS INTENTIONS 16th Jan – 24th Jan

Sat 16th

6.30pm (Charlie Cleary; Vin Fitzgerald)

Sun 17th  

9am Mass (For all Parishioners)

Mon 18th  

9am Mass (Ryan & Lane; Presti & Borhi fms)

Tue 19th

9am M (Stan & Tom Curran; John & Jan Pablubiski)

Wed 20th

9am M (Jim & Janet Carroll; Carmel, Maureen, Cathy)

Thurs 21st St Agnes, Virgin Martyr

11.40am Nov. & M. (Marg & Gerry Naughtin; Maureen Parker)

Fri 22nd

9am M (Harry & Ken Hughes; Betty Griffin)

Sat 23rd

9am M (Sue Knight, Ray Currie, Mary Hodgkin)

6.30pm (Kevin & Gwen Lovell; Zita Walsh)

Sun 24th

9am Mass – (For all parishioners)




6.30pm O’Halloran fm

9.00am Svarc fm


6.30pm S Drum, I Brooks

9.00am M Kelly

Special Minister:

6.30pm D & A Norman

9.00am D Collins, M Tomlinson

Altar: Mona Doyle


6.30pm P Dwyer, F Brooks

9.00am C O’Shea

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Steph Lassey; Olivia Smerdon

9.00am Bella Heagney; Isabel Bush

Collection: Matt Drum

Counters:  A & M Campbell