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Holy Family Sunday 2015

Christmas above all other times in Australia means the gathering of families. Many travel long distances to be with parents and grandparents, and vice-versa many parents and grandparents travel to their offspring to celebrate family ties and family memories and thereby deepen their love.

Imagine if, after one of your visits when you are on your way home, your daughter has called you on her mobile and told you that after you left they had set about preparing the evening meal when suddenly they realised that little Mary or little Bruce could not be found!

You are halfway home to Corowa; what will you do now? You stop. You are stunned and frightened and confused by the news. You call your daughter back. She tells you that there is still no news and that now the police have been called and they are talking to the family.

You decide to wait at the nearest roadhouse restaurant, try to keep calm and have a cup of tea.

You talk together about the last conversation you had with little Mary / Bruce. You review and talk about all the activities the family were engaged in that day. You discuss the time it was when you last both saw him/her. You think about the neighbour’s families – has s/he gone to play with their children. Was s/he there when you said goodbye to the family?

Fears begin to arise in your minds – you start thinking of little William Tyrrell, and little Kandalyce Stevenson. Every family’s nightmare is for a child to go missing. …

The more you think of it, think of how Mary and Joseph felt, then multiply the anxiety tenfold. Jesus had been especially entrusted to them by God and suddenly at 12 years old, he goes missing!

It shows that even in the very best of families, things don’t always go according to the parents’ plan. ……

Pray every day for your families to Jesus, Mary and Joseph – for protection and guidance. God’s grace will prevail in the end. Family life = walking by faith.

Holy Family - Joseph & Torah

Holy Family with Scripture Scrolls



Funds raised for parish from Raffle: $2,140.

1st Prize – Ticket Number 04335 – Mr B. Christy, Corowa.

2nd Prize – Ticket Number 04096 – Elaine Clohessy, Corowa. 

3rd Prize – Ticket Number 04270 – Cathy Moriarty of Corowa family. 

Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to all involved.




12.00noon (Thursday after Novena) and

9.00am NY Day – Feast of Motherhood of Mary

 2nd Jan 2016 (Sat) 3.30pm WEDDING

          Sally Ryan and Matthew Drum



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