Bulletin 06th September 2015 – 23rd Sun in OT

[Image above: 2014 1st Communicants at St Mary’s]



Sacred vessels & Hosts on altar - Cropped

“We Come to Your Table”

As adults perhaps our First Holy Communion is lost in the fog of distant memories, or perhaps it is cherished and still a beautiful moment that is renewed every time ‘we come to (the Lord’s) table’ to receive Jesus.

It is the hope of teacher and parents – and grandparents even more so! – that those who make their first Holy Communion today will grow in knowledge and understanding of the immense love that Jesus is showing them by coming to them personally in this greatest of all the Sacraments.

The value that we place on a precious gift from a beloved spouse or friend depends on us – how we appreciate the love and sacrifice that lies behind the gift. Small wonder then that understanding the love of Jesus for us in the Eucharist takes time.

HC Mitchell V O

As I grow and understand the enormity of Jesus’ dying for me after he was scourged, nailed to the cross and lingered between heaven and earth in utmost agony for three hours, I will grow to love Him in the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the fruit of Calvary and when we recognize that, we will understand more clearly and appreciate more deeply the gift of Jesus’ infinite love for us.

How earnestly, then, must I treasure the opportunities to receive Holy Communion! I should long to be with Him at Calvary as the mystery is offered again in the Mass. I should long – with devout love – to receive Jesus into my body and soul and be fervent in my thanksgiving when He has come.

HC Amy V O

Today we pray for the First Communicants. Let them find in their parents shining examples of practical faith, as they attend Sunday Mass with regularity, fervour and joy.

May the children rejoice to join their parents in approaching Jesus and emulate their devotion and dedication to God! Example, in matters of faith, is paramount because the reality is invisible.

Children live in a very physical world. Yet they have vivid imaginations and can tune-in to the spiritual realities that surround us in the Mass and the Sacraments – if we help them!

They are too young to grasp what St Paul recognized – that our struggles in this life are not just about the physical world. God is very merciful to us in shielding our eyes, and theirs, from the reality of the spiritual warfare raging over our immortal souls.

St Paul tells us: “Grow strong in the Lord, with the strength of his power. Put God’s armour on so as to be able to resist the devil’s tactics. For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the Sovereignties and the Powers who originate the darkness in the world, the spiritual army of evil in the heavens.” (Ephesians 6.10-12)

Unless adults are strong in their faith and show constant good example, our children will have a most difficult faith life. The psalmist asks: How shall the young remain sinless? Then he answers the question: By obeying your word. But first they must know that word and ponder it in their heart. Parents and teachers are the ones to show them how to do that. Let us pray for all our families and teachers on this very special day.


Corpus Christi #4 - Monstrance light emanating


On FIRST COMMUNION DAY, it is fitting to have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to express our thanks to Jesus for the Gift of Himself in the Eucharist. Adoration begins immediately after 9am Mass and concludes with Benediction (4.45pm) at 5.00pm. Come, adore, give thanks.



On 29th August Fr Hart celebrated his 45th Ordination Anniversary. Special greetings came from Bishop Hanna with assurance of Mass and prayers. Let us join in with our prayers and best wishes.


Rosaries in your neighborhood

Rosaries are on-going – join at any time.

Also, you can pray in your family and join the ROSARY CRUSADE in support of natural marriage. Go to RosaryCrusade.org.au to join the Crusade, or for more information.

* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. 6033 2026. Wednesdays at 4.30pm

* C & J Mclean, 5a Lindsay St Wed 5pm

* Karinya Aged Care Chapel, Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am + Mass 9am.


Remember in Prayer

Patricia Seymour, Peter Howe, Rose Chandler, Ursula Bartlett, William Phibbs, Michelle Hogan, Len Sambell, Michael Scown, Patrick Whitty, Natalie Lawrence, Shirley Ash, Kevin Seymour, Joan Sandral, Imelda Gauci, Pauline Kerr, and all on our In Memoriam Board for September.



NB Fr Hart annual leave 7th Sept – 19th Sept.

06th Sept 10.00am – 5.00pm ADORATION DAY – in Our Lady’s Chapel. All welcome anytime. Benediction at 4.45pm.

06th Sept. No Mass at Coreen

07th Sept 9.30am WRAP W LOVE in Hall


MASS INTENTIONS 06th Sept – 12th Sept

Sat 05 Sept 6.30pm Mass (Andrea Zabilowicz; Kevin Elliott)


9am Mass (For 1st Communicants, Dads & All Parishioners)

Monday 07th Sept BVM Birthday (anticip.)

9am Mass (Max McCormack; Jack & Chic O’Donoghue)

Tues 08th – Wed 9th September – No Masses

Thurs 10th September 11.40 Nov & Mass (Welcome, Fr Ware)

Fri 11th September – No Mass

Saturday 12th September No 9am Mass

6.30pm Mass (Welcome to Fr Vin Walsh)

Sun 13th September 24TH SUNDAY IN OT Yr B

9.am Mass – (For all parishioners) – Fr Walsh


Liturgy Roster for 12th – 13th September


6.30pm Sandral Family

9.00am Svarc Family


6.30pm M Schnelle, J Schnelle

9.00am B Christy, E Christy

Special Minister:

6.30pm T Drum, C Salmon

9.00am K King, M Tomlinson

Altar: N Warhurst


6.30pm A Pilgrim

9.00am P Hanrahan

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Emily Tidd, Dominiek Marshall

9.00am Bella Heagney, Isabel Bush

Collection: T Moroney




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