Bulletin 30th August 2015 – 22nd Sunday in OT Yr B




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The world is watching mesmerised and in horror at the migrants and refugee crisis unfolding on the shores of Europe. Each day brings news of more deaths at sea, or at the hands of ruthless people smugglers, and a solution appears nowhere in sight. Today, on the day dedicated to prayers for Refugees and Migrants in the Catholic Church, let us be mindful of the sufferings of these countless numbers seeking peace and a home beyond their own borders.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who were refugees to Egypt for several years, strengthen, guide and console those forced from their homes by violence, discrimination or poverty. And may Blessed Teresa of Calcutta teach us how to respond positively to their needs.


To access the media release of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference for Migrants and Refugees Sunday

click here.


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Do you know that both Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day will soon be under threat of extinction in Australia? – At least that is the risk we face if the ‘politically correct’ police are unleashed should parliament fail to defend traditional marriage.

ACTIVISTS PROMOTING ‘GENDER EQUALITY’ will no longer allow the terms ‘father’ and ‘mother’ in the public domain; instead it will be ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’.


THE MARRIAGE EQUALITY LOBBY refuses to accept that there are irreplaceable clear distinctions between the parenting roles of fathers and mothers in the raising of children and that beggars the imagination!

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THE FAILURE OF THAT GROUP to consider the emotional development and welfare of children being raised by same-sex couples shouts aloud either a grave myopia (short-sightedness) or a selfishness that puts adults at the centre of family life and children on the outer.

THE VOICES OF ADULTS RAISED IN SAME-SEX parent households are not being listened to in the public forum. They speak of their pain, confusion and sense of loss at having being raised with either the ‘father’ or ‘mother’ missing from their lives. It is a lifelong wound they will carry. Added to that, they feel a sense of guilt that they complain of the situation in which they know both ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ were loving and doing their best.


Katy Faust, a child of SS parenting even braved Q and A program on Monday night, and received attacks and shutdown from Labor Senator Sam Dastyaria and Greens’ Senator Richard Di Natale. Needless to say the Q and A host and managers did everything they could to demonise and setup Katy and limit her effectiveness but still her witness shone through. …They are afraid of the TRUTH!

AS CATHOLICS AND CHRISTIANS, we have a duty to stand firm on principles that derive from the Bible. The matter of Man and Woman is clear from the earliest chapters of the bible and throughout.

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EITHER PRIVATELY, OR IN ROSARIES being offered in the parish, you are invited to join the Rosary Crusade that is being promoted to pray for Australian legislators to preserve traditional marriage. You can register at the website mentioned below, or just pray!

FATHERS’ DAY in the meantime should be celebrated next Sunday with prayers, joy and appreciation.

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WHATEVER DAD’S LIMITATIONS, he is still father to his children and, in line with the 4th Commandment, he is to be ‘honoured’ with prayers, respect, and love. God gave him the gift of fatherhood. As children we didn’t recognize the awesome dimensions of that title “Dad!” However, as adults – especially if you are a father – you understand.

LET US BE GRATEFUL SONS AND DAUGHTERS because the life we have is his gift. If Dad is still with you, show him your love. If he is ‘with God’, the grave is no barrier to love for those who have faith; he still feels your love and your prayers.



“…in the beginning, God…”


Rosaries in Your Neighbourhood

Rosaries are on-going – join at anytime.

Also, IN YOUR FAMILY, you can pray and join the ROSARY CRUSADE in support of natural marriage. Go to RosaryCrusade.org.au to join the Crusade, or for more information.

* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. 6033 2026.  Wednesdays at 4.30pm

* C & J Mclean, 5a Lindsay St Wed 5pm

* Karinya Aged Care Chapel, Sundays 11am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am + Mass 9am.


Remember in Prayer

Peter Howe, Rose Chandler, Ursula Bartlett, William Phibbs, Michelle Hogan, Len Sambell, Michael Scown, Patrick Whitty, Natalie Lawrence, Shirley Ash, Kevin Seymour, Joan Sandral, Imelda Gauci, Pauline Kerr, and all on our In Memoriam Board for September.



31st Aug 9.30am WRAP W LOVE in Hall

06th Sept 9.00am FIRST COMMUNION DAY for St Mary’s Parish. Congratulations to children and families! Continue the work of faith.

06th Sept 10.00am – 5.00pm ADORATION DAY – in Our Lady’s Chapel. All welcome anytime. Benediction at 4.45pm.




Send your request for information to: abilitylinks@intereach.com.au

Ability Links NSW Coordinators known as Linkers, work closely with people with disability, their families and carers to support them to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams. [Govt. approved].

Linkers can help you connect into your community, provide you with information and refer you to other services. Further information: Linker James Patton 0434 730 758 or Amber at The Corowa Hub on 02 6044 2801.



MASS INTENTIONS 29th Aug – 05th Sept  

Saturday 29th Aug

6.30pm Mass (Pat Roach; Frank & Irene Borhi)

Sun 30th Aug 22nd Sun OT Refugees & Migrants Sunday  

9am Mass (For Refugees, Migrants, and all our Corowa parishioners)

Monday 31st  

9am Mass (Carmen O’Donoghue; Iris Drum)

Tuesday 01st September

9am Mass (Kerry Plunkett; Bill Phibbs)

Wed 2nd September

9am Mass (Keaney & Griffen families)

Thursday 3rd Sept St Gregory the Great

11.40 Nov & M (Pat Plunkett; Ursula Bartlett)

Friday 4th September 

10am Mass of Anoint. Karinya (Sick & Dying & Special Intention)

Saturday 5th September  

9.00 Mass (Martin Moriarty; Peter Wojtowycz)

6.30pm M (Andrea Nagle-Zabilowicz; K.Elliott)

Sunday 6th September – 1ST COMMUNION & FATHERS’ DAY

9.00am Mass (For 1st Communicants, Dads &  All Parishioners)


Liturgy Roster for 05th – 06th September


6.30pm O’Halloran Fm

9.00am R Whitmore


6.30pm R Packer A Norman

9.00am P Lemmon

Special Minister:

6.30pm K O’Halloran J Lowden

9.00am K Roberts P Lemmon

Altar: N Warhurst


6.30pm Sandral Fm

9.00am C Sutcliffe

Altar Servers:

6.30pm S Lassey & O Smerdon


Collection: B O’Shea

Counters: R Packer & I Brooks


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