Bulletin 09th August 2015 – 19th Sunday in OT Yr B

Assumption of Mary #4 - Icon The Dormition

Dormition of Mary

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Eastern Reflection on 15TH AUGUST: ASSUMPTION OF MARY


Being a Byzantine, or Eastern Rite Catholic, specifically a Melkite Greek Catholic, carries some interesting things with it.  One of them is the celebration of the various feasts within our faith.  Most Protestants do not celebrate today’s Feast; most are not even aware of it.  There are many reasons for that, mostly because the theology surrounding the Mother of God (in Greek – Theotokos) is so very misunderstood.


Today’s Feast is the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, or the “falling asleep” of the Mother of God, Mary, for those in the east.  In the west, the celebration is called the “Assumption of Mary.”  There is a a slight difference in the emphasis, but not the event.  In the west, the focus is on Mary’s body, after death, being assumed wholly into Heaven.  Mary, being this perfect vessel, perfect Woman for Our Lord, was assumed totally and without corruption of Her Body into Heaven at the end of Her days on earth. We believe that God created His own Mother to be perfect.

In the east, the focus is on her “dormition,” or “falling asleep.”  The difference is explained in the Icon above.  We see Our Lord holding a baby, wrapped in white linens.  That infant is the soul of Mary, in all its perfection.  The white linens are the purity of her soul, shining forth in radiance.


The many stories handed down through the Apostles of this event are incredible to read. Most Protestants do not count this event as an historical fact and rarely speak of Mary, except at Christmas and perhaps some small mention at the Crucifixion of Our Lord.

But in the many apocryphal writings that survived through the ages, the stories of her Dormition are amazing.  Some relate how the angels were surrounding her home singing hymns of praise; how St. Michael the Archangel accompanied Christ Himself into her home, and stood with the Apostles around her bed.  She then offered herself, again, to the service and glory of Her Son and He welcomed her Immaculate Soul to His Sacred Heart.


It is a beautiful, beautiful story and is an example for us all to aspire to.  At our last breath, we, too, should offer ourselves once again to Our Lord and await His presence in the Heavenly realms and prepare to attend His Banquet.  I have often stated that I am praying for nosebleed seats in Heaven; I do not require front row or even mezzanine.  I just want to be at the banquet.  I will even clear tables and take out the trash, so long as I am there!


The only apostle you will find missing in the Icon is St. Thomas.  Often he is referred to as “Doubting Thomas.”  But he said to them, “Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails, and place my finger in the mark of the nails, and place my hand in his side, I will not believe.” (John 20:25)


The story about the Dormition tells us that all the Apostles were brought supernaturally (on clouds, in some versions) to Mary’s bedside, except Thomas, who was “busy.”  He arrived late, after Christ had taken Mary’s soul with Him, and after her tomb was sealed. He asked if he could gaze upon her and offer her worship and prayers.  So her tomb was opened for him, but when he looked inside, flowers and a beautiful fragrance were all that was there; she had been assumed into Heaven already.  He had missed out, again, on a big event in the Gospel stories.  And although St. Thomas missed out on the Resurrection, he was the first to proclaim, “My Lord and my God.” (John 20:28)…  (To read the full article click here)


ST MARY OF THE CROSS MACKILLOP                    

St-Mary-MacKillop icon                         

Mon 10th August is the feast of our very own Australian St Mary MacKillop. As we rejoice in the mystery of the Assumption this week, we are reminded that all God’s saints are together in heaven, including St Mary of the Cross. May she pray for us and for faith among all Australians to swim against the tide of secularism and diminishing faith. May the Lord bless the many ministries of the Josephite Sisters.

“St Mary MacKillop, woman for our time, pray for us and for our land.”


Remember in Prayer

Mrs Bartlett, Raewyn Widdison, William Phibbs, Michelle Hogan, Len Sambell, Michael Scown, Patrick Whitty, Bernard McKay, Natalie Lawrence, Shirley Ash, Kevin Seymour, Joan Sandral, Imelda Gauci, Pauline Kerr, and all on our In Memoriam Board for August.

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Rosaries in your neighbourhood

Rosaries are on-going – join at anytime

* Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St ph. 6033 2026. Wednesdays at 4.30pm

* C & J Mclean, 5a Lindsay St. Wednesdays 5.00pm

* Karinya Aged Care Chapel, Sundays 11.00am

* St Mary’s Church, Sat 8.45am + Mass at 9am.

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10th August Mon. 9.30am Mass – Feast of St Mary MacKillop celebrated w. St Mary’s school

10th August Mon. 9.30am Wrap with Love – Hall

10th August Mon. 12pm Ministers Fraternal

 12th August Wed. 6.30pm Mass in Hall for First Communion Families

15th August Sat. 9am Assumption of Mary – Holy Day of Obligation; Saturday – try to attend the morning Mass to celebrate Our Lady’s Feast.

20th August Thurs. 1.45pm CWL in Presbytery Meeting Room

20th August Thurs. 6.30pm at Oddfellows Hall ICE INFORMATION EVENING All Welcome.

25th August Tues. 6.30pm FIRST RECONCILIATION


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MASS INTENTIONS 09th – 16th August

08th Aug St Mary MacKillop (Mass Monday)

9.00am (Pat Fitzgerald, Mario Caminito)

6.30pm Mass (Michelle Hogan; Len Sambell)

Sun. 09th Aug 19th in OT

9.00am Mass (for all parishioners)

Monday 10th

9.30am Mass of St Mary MacKillop with St Mary’s School (All school families)

Tuesday 11th St Clare  

9.00am Mass (Pat Sheehan, Teresa Thrum,

May O’Donoghue)

Wed 12th

9am Mass (Dimpey Weston;

Jim, Janet, Carmel, Maureen Cathy,Carroll)

Thursday 13th

11.40 Nov & Mass (Joanna & June Curran)

Friday 14th  

9.00am Mass (H & I Drum; M & G Glynn)


9.00 Mass (Bill Phibbs, Rae Widdison)

6.30pm Vigil M (Ann Baruday; Imelda Gauci)

Sunday 16th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

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Liturgy Roster for 15th – 16th August


6.30pm N Kingston, M Carroll

9.00am M Clohessy, C Tilders


6.30pm M Schnelle, J Schnelle

9.00am M Milthorpe

Special Minister:

6.30pm M Skehan, A Pilgrim

9.00am B Christy, R Taylor

Altar: M Doyle


6.30pm L Hanrahan

9.00am Craig Sandral

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Max Blockley, Noah Esplana

9.00am Bella Heagney Isabel Bush

Collection: J Taylor

Counters: Laurie & Nancy Hughes

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