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‘Same-sex’ Unions and Children

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Last Sunday, this column featured the Bishops’ media release on their Pastoral Letter “Don’t Mess with Marriage”. The pastoral letter is powerful and is in this month’s TOGETHER, currently available.

Last week’s Catholic Weekly (21.06.2015) featured two excellent articles about the topic – by Fr Flader (p.30) and by George Weigel (p.31). Here is part of Fr Flader’s answer to the question: “Do the children of same-sex parents fare better than us?” He writes:

Over the years there have been numerous studies to determine whether there is any difference between children raised by two persons of the same sex and those raised by their natural parents. As you say, some of these claim that the children fared better when raised by same-sex couples.

Common sense and a little experience of life would tell us that such findings cannot possibly be valid. Let me quote from the open letter of Katy Faust to Justice Kennedy of the US Supreme Court in February 2015.

Katy, who was raised by a lesbian couple, wrote: “If it is undisputed social science that children suffer greatly when they are abandoned by their biological parents, when their parents’ divorce, when one parent dies, or when they are donor-conceived, then how can it be possible that they are miraculously turning out ‘even better!’ when raised in same-sex-headed households?

“Every child raised by ‘two mums’ or’ two dads’ came to that household via one of those four traumatic methods. Does being raised under the (gay) rainbow miraculously wipe away all the negative effects and pain surrounding the loss and daily deprivation of one or both parents?”

Fr Flader then briefly mentions the citing of 59 studies by members of the American Psychological Association that said that children of lesbian or gay parents were not disadvantaged in any way. He then refers to the study by Professor Loren Marks of Louisiana state University who analysed those 59 studies and found them seriously flawed and lacking in large, random representative sampling, i.e. they could not validly draw the ‘not disadvantaged in any way’ conclusion.

Flader then refers to Texas University (at Austin) sociologist Mark Regnerus’ study of “almost 3,000 people between the ages of 18 and 39 from both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

“The study found that the children of gay or lesbian couples fared worse on 77 out of 80 outcome measures compared with those of biologically intact families.

“Among the most important findings were that children of homosexual parents were

  • much more likely to have received welfare,
  • had lower educational attainment,
  • reported less safety and security in their family of origin,
  • reported more ongoing negative impact from their family of origin,
  • were more likely to suffer from depression,
  • had been arrested more often and,
  • in the case of women, had more sexual partners, both male and female.

Children of lesbian mothers in particular were

  • more likely to be cohabiting,
  • almost four times more likely to be on welfare,
  • more than three times more likely to be unemployed,
  • nearly four times more likely to identify as something other than entirely heterosexual,
  • ten times more likely to have been ‘touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver’,
  • more likely to have attachment problems related to the ability to depend on others,
  • used marijuana more frequently,
  • smoked more frequently,
  • watched television for long periods more frequently and
  • pled guilty to a non-minor offence more frequently.

Children of lesbian mothers were 75% more likely to be in a same-sex romantic relationship and children of homosexual fathers three times more likely.

An article reporting these findings on the website of the Family Research Council by Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, concluded: “The myths that children of homosexual parents are ‘no different’ from other children and suffer ‘no harm’ from being raised by homosexual parents have been shattered forever.”

These findings are important and they deserve to be taken into account when considering whether same-sex marriage ought to be legalised.” (End of Fr Flader’s article).

“Children have a right to grow up with their natural mother and father, where possible.”         – Australian Catholic Bishops.

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Same-sex attraction and the call for ‘Marriage Equality’ is the focus of The Journey Radio Program this week.  We were really privileged to interview Mr James Parker, former director of Communications in the Archdiocese of Perth, about his personal story of adoption, abuse, same-sex attraction, embracing homosexuality and now life as a married Christian man, with a passion for drawing all people in to the fullness of life offered in a walk with Jesus.  His story is powerful, and he speaks with authority, sensitivity and love, drawn out of his own life Journey.  James is used to receiving criticism for what he has to say but there is no doubt he endeavours to compassionately speak the truth of his own experience into the debate raging around these hot button issues, and in doing so challenges everyone, Christians, nonbelievers and those with same-sex attraction.

Tune into LIFE 101.9 FM or 98.5 THE LIGHT Albury Wodonga Sunday at 11am or go to www.jcr.org.au  where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.

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