Bulletin 03.05.2015 – 5th Sun Easter Yr B

 Pope Francis catching a rosary tossed to him in St Peter's Square

Pope Francis catches a Rosary tossed to him in St Peter’s Square


St Mary’s Parish Rosaries – Join one near you

Renewal of the soul happens when there is constant prayer, constant communication between a person and God. It is the hidden, outcome, of St Paul’s injunction to ‘pray always’, and to ‘put on Christ’. However, the change does not remain hidden – the spirit of the person rejoices in its new-found love and those round about cannot but be ‘infected’ by our new disposition. It is a faith filled ‘joie-de-vivre’ emanating from deep within.

Renewal of the soul of a parish – the force of believers within a parish – happens when they gather, not only in response to the weekly obligation to praise God in community in the Vigil and Sunday Mass, but when they gather in solidarity to implore the Fire of the Holy Spirit to ‘renew the face of the parish’. The Rosary, like the Mass, is a prime way of remaining part of the ‘true Vine’ which is Jesus – as we hear Him speaking of Himself in today’s Gospel in John 15.5.

The Rosary has the power to do this because Mary is the perfect spouse of the Holy Spirit and she longs for us to be filled and renewed with the Holy Spirit. By reflecting on the Mysteries of our Faith in the presence of Mary as we pray the Rosary, we are opening ourselves and our parish to the grace of being renewed, rejuvenated and enlightened.

We know the heartbreak of seeing the younger generation ‘walk away’ from the Church and we wonder, ‘where did we go wrong?’ We review our family lives thinking, ‘What more could we have done?’ … Why have the wheels fallen off the modern ‘Mass Shandrydan’? Is it our ‘fault’ or are we witnessing a social disintegration much wider than Catholic life?

Unless we were horrible parents whose behavior constantly contradicted the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel, and we failed to encourage our children to live good lives, we should stop beating our breasts.

We live in an era of declining faith and it was beginning in the time of the 19th century English poet Matthew Arnold who wrote in Dover Beach:

…The Sea of Faith

Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore

Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled.

But now I only hear

Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar,

Retreating, to the breath

Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear

And naked shingles of the world. …

That is not the full story. Jesus is with us, the Holy Spirit is with us and there are many powerful renewal movements happening in the Church and impacting on society. That we don’t see a ‘return to the Faith’ among our own family, or the younger generation, remains a source of concern and an invitation to unceasing prayer.

The same can be said of parishes, perhaps especially rural parishes, where other factors play a big part as young people move away to find work and follow careers. We need to pray earnestly for those who remain but don’t pray.

Should we lose heart? Not a bit of it! The victory is already won by Jesus, we are simply the ‘mop up’ crew… but we MUST do our part. Recall the final verse of Flanders Fields:

“Take up our quarrel with the foe: / To you from failing hands we throw / The torch; be yours to hold it high. / If ye break faith with us who die / We shall not sleep, though poppies grow / In Flanders fields.”

   Our ancestors ‘fought the good fight’ of the faith and we hold the torch now in our hands; let us not falter, but pray earnestly of course in the Mass, but also in personal, neighbourhood and parish Rosaries.

Rosaries in your neighbourhood

The following are hosting a weekly Rosary. Choose one near you, or the day and time their Rosary suits you. Call your host to confirm your first-time attendance. Host details:

  • Nora Kingston, 24 Alfred St Corowa: 6033 2026. Wednesdays at 4.30pm
  • Chris & Janet McLean, 5A Lindsay St: 04 299 823 66. Wednesdays at 5.30pm
  • Karinya Aged Care Chapel, Sundays at 11.00am (Attend, no need to call)
  • St Mary’s Church, Saturdays at 8.45am (Attend, no need to call)

Remember in Prayer

W.H. Crisfield 896, Shirley Ash, Tommy Upton, Kevin Seymour, May Houlihan, Joan Sandral, Kevin Lovell, Imelda Gauci,


03rd May 11am Karinya Chapel – Rosary with residents commences today. All Welcome.

04th May 9.30am WRAP WITH LOVE in Hall


08th May 2.00pm St Mary’s Hall: LADIES WINTER FASHIONS by Sadie Michael of Temora. Entrance $5. Prizes & Afternoon Tea. All Welcome!

Advance Notice: Parish Confirmations – parents / families with candidates, please contact Fr Hart to ensure registration and instruction. First meeting will be 6.30pm Wednesday 13th May in the church.


Sat 2nd May – Vigil Mass  

6.30pmMass (John Fearn, Greg Petrie, Kevin Seymour)

Sunday 3rd

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

Monday 4th  

9.00am Mass (Vin O’Donoghue; Bruce Rowan)

Tuesday 5th

9.00 Mass (Nancy Nathan; Armenian genocide Victims & Survivors)

Wednesday 6th  

9.00am Mass (William Herbert Crisfield 896, Gallipoli ANZAC – 100 yrs anniversary today, also his 128th birthday)

Thurs 7th

11.40 Novena & Mass (John Souquet; Belinda Nagle)

Friday 8th

9.00am Mass (Hogan & Ridge families – sick members)

Saturday 9th

8.45am Rosary & Mass (Olive Kingston; Tom Upton)

6.30pm Vigil Mass (Shirley Ash; Sister Mary Claver Desmond)

Sunday 10th 6th Sun Easter 

9.00am Mass (All parishioners)

Roster for 9th – 10th May


6.30pm – Sandral family

9.00am – Svarc family


6.30pm – J Schnelle, M Schnelle

9.00am – B Christy & E Christy

Special Minister:

6.30pm – T Drum, C Salmon

9.00am – K King, M Tomlinson

Altar:  – Mary Fitzgibbon


6.30pm – Sandral family

9.00am – Peg Hanrahan A Pilgrim

Altar Servers:

6.30pm – Luke Heagney, Dominiek Marshall

9.00am – Lachlan McKenzie, Chesric Batang

Collection: T Moroney



– Airs 3 May 2015. This week on “The Journey” interview’s Stephen Varney, who is ordained to the Priesthood this weekend and also shares his reflection on this week’s Gospel.  We hear from Sr Hilda Scott from the Abbey and Dr Byron and Francene Pirola, share secrets of keeping married couples connected. All at  www.radio.dow.org.au .

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