Bulletin 29th March 2015 – Palm Sunday


Jerusalem Cross #1


Letter to the people of the Church of Australia for GOOD FRIDAY 2015

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Syria, together with Israel and the Palestinian Territories (the West Bank and Gaza Strip), Egypt, Jordan, the Lebanon and Cyprus, is included in the Custody of the Holy Land, which the Franciscan friars have served since 1209. The friars in Syria today continue the Franciscan tradition of eight centuries, living with the shrinking population of Christians and suffering with them in appalling conditions.

Jerusalem Cross #2

CHRISTIAN VILLAGES SUFFER Three entirely Christian villages are located in northern Syria. In June 2013, a priest was shot in the friary of Ghassanieh when rebels entered and stole everything. On July 20th last year, an airborne missile almost completely demolished the friary of Yacoubieh. The resident friar was not in his room but suffered wounds to the head. A friar in Kanaieh was kidnapped but was later released.

Jerusalem Cross #3

OPPRESSED BY REBEL GROUPS The Franciscan friars serving the Catholic villages in northern Syria count on our support and prayers. They and their faithful are severely oppressed by the orders of the rebels. The friar Custos (Superior) of the Holy Land explained, In case of refusing to abide by these orders, Islamic law will apply. Whoever does not accept these orders either must go away or will be executed. I invite everyone to pray for all the communities of Syria, especially for those who live under the control of the extremist rebels. The incursions of the Islamic “caliphate” have made the situation much worse.

Jerusalem Cross #4 - Celtic tapestry

COLLECTION IS INDISPENSABLE …The Good Friday collection remains the ordinary and indispensable means of promoting the life of Christians in the Holy Land. What the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land receives is for the use not only of the Holy Places, but above all, of those pastoral, charitable, educational and social works that the Church supports in the Holy Land for the welfare both of their Christian brethren and of the local communities. As a pontifical collection requested by the Popes, the annual Good Friday collection unites all Christians to support their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. It offers a direct link for our parishioners to be witnesses of peace and to help maintain the Holy Places – the 74 shrines associated with the life of Jesus.

Jerusalem Cross #6 - red & white on black bg.

AUSTRALIAN CHURCH GENEROUS Last year, Australian Catholics donated $1.3 million to this cause, despite tough economic times, natural disasters and the increasing cost of living which put a strain on family budgets and financial resources. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please remember the Christians of the Holy Land again on this Good Friday. Please also pray that peace and harmony will become a reality in the birthplace of Jesus, the ‘Prince of Peace’.

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Signed: – Friar Carl Schafer OFM, Commissary of the Holy Land (Australia).

Jerusalem Cross #7 - on Olive wood

[The 5 Crosses in the Jerusalem Cross symbolise the 5 Crusades of the Middle Ages by Christian forces to restore the Holy Land to Christian hands.]


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Remember in Prayer

May Houlihan, Leo Coul, Bryon Webster, Kevin Lovell, Imelda Gauci, Vince Fitzgerald, John Lyons, Joan Sandral, Pauline Kerr, Cliff Broderick, John Hickey, Mark Fitzgibbon, Pat Kelly

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Whether you were able to attend the recent days of Adoration or not, your input will be helpful. Please fill in a form in the clip-board and leave it on the back table. Thank you.

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Donations over $2 tax deductible. Use the yellow “SPECIAL APPEAL ENVELOPE.” If you require tax deduction write your details on the envelope. You can also donate by phoning Caritas: 1800 024 413.

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Monday 30th APRIL 5.00om: Singing Practice for HOLY WEEK ceremonies

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MASS INTENTIONS 21st – 28th March

Saturday 28th

6.30pmMass (Peter Gale, Esma Downing)

Sunday 29th Palm Sunday Holy Week

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

Monday 30th [No Mass at Corowa]  

11.00am Mass Chrism Mass of oils at Wagga

Tuesday 31st 

9am Mass (Maisie Crisfield; Ted Kingston)

Wednesday 1st April 

9am Mass (Imelda Gauci; K. Lovell, Pat Kelly)


Novena cancelled

6.30pm The Lord’s Supper: Oils, Washing, Project Compassion collection.

Friday 3rd Good Friday

3.00pm Passion of the Lord: Ven. Of Cross, Holy Land Collection: Holy Communion.

Saturday 4th Holy Saturday 

Rosary cancelled. No Mass Sat. morning.

Confessions 11am-12pm and 5.30pm-6.15.

6.30pm Easter Vigil: Ceremony of Light, Readings, Baptismal. Promises renewed.

Sunday 5th  Easter Sunday – ALLELUIA!

9.00am Mass (All parishioners)


Holy Week Roster 2nd – 3rd April

Holy Thursday

Oil Bearers – J O’Donoghue, B & C O’Shea

Readers – A Campbell, R Packer

GiftsN Kingston, M Carroll

MinistersI & F Brooks

Altar set up: Mary Carter, Nora Kingston

Good Friday

ReaderP Lemmon

Passion ReadersA Campbell, S Drum

Readers of IntercessionsJ Lowden

MinistersM Tomlinson, T Drum

WelcomersC Sutcliffe, L Hanrahan

Easter Weekend Rosters 4th – 5th April

Holy Saturday

Reader: –  A Norman

Gifts Sandral Family

Ministers D Norman, J Lowden

WelcomersD & C Clohessy


Easter Sunday

Readers M Milthorpe, A Campbell

Gifts M Drum

MinistersK King, R Taylor

WelcomersC Sutcliffe, P Hanrahan


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HOLY THURSDAY 6.30pm Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

GOOD FRIDAY 3.00pm Celebration of the Passion of Our Lord

EASTER VIGIL 6.30pm Easter Mass & Renewal of Baptismal Promises