Bulletin 15th March 2015 – 4th Sunday of Lent

[Featured image above: Families involved in the Project Compassion sponsored fish-raising business in Kolkatla, Nepal.]


“FOOD FOR LIFE” Project Compassion

Week 4: Sarita’s Story from Nepal

Sarita - fish from farm

A fish from the farm

Sarita was struggling to grow enough food for her family on her tiny farm plot. In 2007, with the assistance of a program run by Caritas Nepal, she started a fish-raising business with 11 others. Now, they have a thriving enterprise and a life-long source of food and income.

Fishing on the pond

Fishing on the ponds


“This program gave us skills and supported us to make something of ourselves.”                                                  

Mother-of-three Sarita attended school until the eighth grade, making her one of the most educated women in her village. Yet, like the majority of people in rural Nepal, her family was very poor.  “With the produce from [our] land we did not meet our food security and basic needs,” Sarita explains.

Cooking in outdoor kitchen

Cooking in the family (outdoor) kitchen

In 2007, Sarita’s life changed. Caritas Nepal, supported by Caritas Australia, initiated the Kolkatla Fish Raising Group, an innovative, collaborative program that works for the common good of the wider community. Sarita and 11 other villagers were provided with the funding and training they needed to establish and run a business raising and selling fish.

Spreading fish feed in ponds

Spreading fish feed in the ponds

“This program embraced the poorest of the poor like us, gave us skills and supported us with funds to invest and make something of ourselves,” says Sarita. Through hard work and dedication, the group has flourished. The farm produces around 8,000 kg of fish each year, which the group sells for a good price through local markets.

Sarita's family at home

Sarita and family at home

With steady income from the Fish Raising Group, Sarita’s family has been able to feel secure. They’ve bought additional farming land, diversified their crops and now share a secure, sustainable source of healthy food for life. “The program has provided our family with good health and hope,” says Sarita. “And it has become a platform for the unity and growth of the community.”

Monitoring water level

Monitoring water levels

Weighing fish

Testing scales for weighing fish


‘Whatever you did for the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did it for Me.’

Be generous to Project Compassion this Lent.

To access the link to a short YouTube presentation of Sarita’s story, click here.

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Coming Events

18th March 12.00 noon Community Kitchen – Presbyterian Hall $10 lunch. Helpers welcome. Hampers available…Held every 3rd Wednesday of each month.

19th March 2.00pm CWL Meeting in Hall.


a) Information Day for students: 10am-2.30pm. Contact: 6040 6388 to register.

b) Information Evening & School Tours: 500pm-8.30pm. Come and meet our staff. Book at: http://www.xhsww.catholic.edu.au/info-ight

20th March: 6.30pm Stations of the Cross.

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Easter Roster

Please let Nicole know if you are unavailable for Good Friday & Easter Masses. Thank you.

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Remember in Prayer

Kevin Lovell, Imelda Gauci, Vince Fitzgerald, John Lyons, Joan Sandral, Pauline Kerr, Cliff Broderick, John Hickey, Mark Fitzgibbon, Pat Kelly

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St Mary’s Court

2 bedroom unit for rent

Inquiries phone 60331564 or Parish 60331927

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A big ‘thank you’ to all who came to pray during the hours of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. … A solid witness to faith in the Eucharist.

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MASS INTENTIONS 14th – 21st March

Saturday 14th 6.30pmMass (Margaret & Anthony Smith, Dom Alissi)

Sunday 15th 4th Sunday in Lent

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

10.45am Mass at Coreen

Monday 16th

9.00am Mass (Alan Whitty; Vin Fitzgerald)

Tuesday 17th Feast of St Patrick

9am Mass (Pat Loorham; Pat Potter)

Wednesday 18th

9am Mass (Bob Mayfield; Marie Kaitler)

Thurs 19th Feast of St Joseph  

11.40am Novena.

12noon M (Pauline Kerr; CWL Members)

Friday 20th

10.00am Anoint Mass – Hall (Sick & Disabled)

6.30pm Stations of the Cross in church

Saturday 21st 

8.45 Rosary and Mass (Peter & Bernice Gale; George Morren)

No confessions 11.00am-12noon.

6.30pm Vigil (Connie Barber Gordon Bullock)

Sunday 22nd 5th Sunday in Lent

9.00am Mass (All parishioners)

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Sunday Mass Roster 21st – 22nd March


6.30pm J Clohessy B O’Donoghue

9.00am CWL


6.30pm G & E Kingston

9.00am A Campbell

Spec Min:

6.30pm I & F Brooks

9.00am B Christy R Taylor



6.30pm M Clohessy M Skehan

9.00am Craig Sandral

Altar Servers:

6.30pm: Dylan and Tegan Forge

9.00am: Z Rippingale and Victoria Kruen

Collection M Drum

Counting: Laurie & Nancy Hughes

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This week on The Journey (Episode 83)

We are back bigger and better this week with another episode of the Journey Catholic Radio Podcast. We hope you also like the new look and feel of our eNewsletter and Facebook page. Big thanks to Daniel Hopper and Jeremy Yuen for our new redesign.

This week on the Journey we will hear some great material from our Arise Lenten Program kicking off with a beautiful Psalm by Tracey Coombes as well as inputs from our regular presenters, Sr Hilda Scott OSB, Dr Francine and Byron Pirola, Bruce Downes, Pete Gilmore and Marilyn Rodriguez. Have a listen to the whole show hosted by Jude Hennessy or some highlights of the show by clicking on the links below.

The Journey is a weekly program developed by the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong all about faith, hope, love and life and is the only Catholic radio program in Australia aired on general Christian radio.

Listen to highlights from this week’s show:

“Lord You Have the Words” – Responsorial Psalm by Tracey Coombes
“Gospel Reflection” by Sr Hilda Scott OSB and Fr Michael Fallon MSC
“The Surprise Factor” – SMARTloving with Byron and Francine Pirola
“Loloma – What is Love?” – Living the Gospel with Pete Gilmore
“Don’t Do it on Your Own” – The Catholic Guy with Bruce Downes
“The Hidden God” –  Wisdom from the Abbey with Sr Hilda Scott OSB
“Realistic Expectations” – The Peaceful Parent with Marilyn Rodriguez

Or listen to the full show (click the below graphic):

You can also listen to all our past shows at www.radio.dow.org.au

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