Bulletin 15 February 2015

Jesus heals leper

Jesus touches the leper and heals him.



Here is a story from Jesuit Father Anthony de Mello’s book of fables, The Song of the Bird. When the bishop’s ship stopped at a remote Papuan island for a day, he determined to use the day as profitably as possible. He strolled along the seashore and came across three fishermen mending their nets. In pidgin English they explained to him that centuries before missionaries had come to their island and converted them to Christianity. “We, Christians!” they said, proudly pointing to themselves.


The bishop was impressed. Did they know the Lord’s Prayer? They had never heard of it. The bishop was shocked. How could these men claim to be Christians when they did not know something as important as the Lord’s Prayer.


“What do you say, then, when you pray?” the bishop asked.


“We lift eyes in heaven. We pray, ‘We are three, you are three, have mercy on us.’”


The bishop was appalled at the primitive, downright heretical nature of their prayer. So he spent the whole day teaching them to say the Lord’s Prayer. The fishermen were poor learners, but they gave it all they had and before the bishop sailed away he had the satisfaction of hearing them go through the whole formula without a fault.


Months later the bishop’s ship happened to pass by those islands and the bishop, as he paced the deck saying his evening prayers, recalled with pleasure the fact that on that distant island were three fishermen who were now able to pray correctly, thanks to his patient efforts. While he was lost in thought he happened to look up and noticed a spot of light in the east. The light kept approaching the ship and, as the bishop gazed in wonder, he saw three figures walking on the surface of the water towards the boat. The captain stopped the boat and all the sailors leaned over the rails to see this amazing sight.


When they were within speaking distance, the bishop recognised his three friends, the fishermen. “Bishop!” they exclaimed, “we so glad meet you! We hear your boat go past island and come hurry, hurry meet you.”


“What is it you want?” asked the bishop in awe.


“Bishop,” they said, “we so sorry. We forget lovely prayer. We say: ‘Our Father in heaven, holy be your name, your kingdom come’ . . . then we forget. Please tell us whole prayer again.”


The bishop felt humbled. “Go back to your homes, my good men,” he said, “and each time you pray, say, ‘We are three, you are three, have mercy on us!’”


If you get the truth of the story, you will have no trouble getting the point of this story of Jesus’ healing the leper, which is that we are – all of us, without exception –  loved and touched by almighty God.

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Sunday 15th Feb. 6th Sunday of Year B.

Mass Intentions 14th – 21st February

Saturday 14th

6.30pmMass (John Skehan; Pat Seymour fm)

Sunday 15th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

10.45 Coreen Mass

Monday 16th

9.00am (Jean Walton; Sheila Sandral)

Tuesday 17th

9am Mass (Sr Jean Murray; Michael Fisher)

Wednesday 18th Ash Wednesday

8am Mass (John Spencer; Bryan Carter)

12noon Mass (Jack Bartlett; Brian Cleary)

Thurs 19th  

11.40am Novena.

12noon Communion Service

Friday 20th

10.30am Anointing Mass in Hall (Sick; Michelle Hogan)

Saturday 21st

No Morning Mass

6.30pm Vigil (Vin Fitzgerald; Eileen Schneider)

Sunday 22nd 1st Sunday of Lent – Fr Vin Walsh

9.00am Mass (All parishioners)

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16/2 Mon. Border Priests Luncheon at Presbytery

18/2 ASH Wed. 8.am 12noon Mass and distribution of Ashes

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1) Scripture Teachers in Primary Schools.

2) New Altar Servers for Weekend Masses.

3) Volunteers for St. V. de Paul Stores

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Sunday Mass Roster 21st – 22nd February


6.30pm  Salmon Family

9.00am M Drum


6.30pm S Drum I Brooks

9.00am A Campbell P Lemmon

Spec Min:

6.30pm A Pilgrim M Skehan

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar: M Doyle


6.30pm N Kingston A Pilgrim

9.00am P Hanrahan

Altar Servers:

6.30pm: D Forge

9.00am Z Rippingale J Tilders

Collection: M Drum

Counting: D & C Salmon


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