They saw in Jesus a man who had power over hell’s agents. He sends evil packing, back to where it belongs. No wonder they were amazed.


Today’s reading reveals the meaning of Jesus. Jesus left the synagogue and entered the house of Simon and Andrew. Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever.


Jesus went to the bedside of the sick woman and again showed his power and authority. This time he didn’t even speak a word of authority against the evil fever. Jesus simply took her hand and raised her from the sick bed. In that moment her fever departed and she was able to serve the visitors a meal. What is it with this man who doesn’t even need to recite a healing formula to achieve a cure?


Also notice her serving a meal to Jesus. Righteous rabbis would not allow a woman to wait on them. That was improper. It had to be a man. Not only was the mother-in-law of Simon Peter delivered from the evil of illness, she was also delivered from the evil of oppressive social convention. She was able to express her gratitude in a most practical way and knew it would be acceptable in the eyes of Jesus. Who is this Jesus who is free from social inhibitions?


The next scene seems to stress the wide-ranging compassion of Jesus. At sunset the Sabbath Day officially ended. The people of Capernaum then felt free to bring their sick to Jesus for healing. The front of the house was crowded with many kinds of illness. The lame and the blind, the leper and the deaf, the mentally ill and the cancerous; child and grandparent, women and men; they came to Jesus and found healing. There seems no limit to his compassion and his authority. What in the name of God is going on here?


This same theme of the universality of Christ’s ministry continues in the final section of today’s reading from Mark’s Gospel. After rising early and going to a lonely place for prayer, Jesus tells his disciples that he must spread the good news further. “And he went through all Galilee preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.” All over the land the question is being posed: “Is there no boundary at all to the compassion and authority of Jesus of Nazareth?”


Mark is the announcer of good news for the people. Yet he does not do this by presenting his readers with a doctrinal statement on the nature of Jesus. Mark tells it in story and leaves us with the question: “Who is this Jesus? What do you make of him? Does this person fit your normal categories? How do you explain his charisma? What is the source of his wide-ranging power?”



Sunday 8th Feb. 5th Sunday of Year B.


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Sunday 15th 3rd Sunday in Ordinary 

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