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Pope Francis catching a rosary tossed to him in St Peter's Square

Pope Francis catches a Rosary in St Peter’s Square



In my new book The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholicism I wrote (in the Conclusion) that the New Evangelization will only be successful to the extent that it models itself on the Old Evangelization of Europe – a process that was deeply Roman, evangelical, missionary, miraculous, and monastic.



However, when I wrote the book, I left out one key ingredient. The great missionaries, saints, and doctors of the Church share a total consecration of their life and apostolate to the Blessed Virgin Mary. All great “evangelizations” were profoundly Marian.


POPE FRANCIS – 15 Decades daily!

For this reason, I was excited when I learned that Pope Francis prays the 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary daily. I discovered this interesting detail as I scanned over the “fast facts” about Pope Francis over at NewAdvent.org.



The Rosary is the central devotion of my life and of my family. It is the way in which I chiefly come to know and understand my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



After the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio recounted how John Paul II’s example inspired him to “recite the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary every day.”



“If I remember well it was 1985. One evening I went to recite the Holy Rosary that was being led by the Holy Father [John Paul II]. He was in front of everybody, on his knees. The group was numerous; I saw the Holy Father from the back and, little by little, I got lost in prayer. I was not alone: I was praying in the middle of the people of God to which I and all those there belonged, led by our Pastor.

“I felt that this man [John Paul II], chosen to lead the Church, was following a path up to his Mother in the sky, a path set out on from his childhood.

And I became aware of the density of the words of the Mother of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego: ‘Don’t be afraid, am I not perhaps your mother?’ I understood the presence of Mary in the life of the Pope. 

“That testimony did not get forgotten in an instant. From that time on I recite the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary every day.” [end of quote]I think this quote speaks volumes about Pope Francis.

Yesterday, I wrote about how some in the traditional camp were grumbling about Pope Francis “non-preference” for the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass.

However, I have also read concerns from Catholics expressing slight disappointment that the cardinals didn’t elect an energetic “JP2 Pope” eager to ignite the “New Evangelization” while engaging the culture and social media. – from Dr Taylor Marshall, Catholic blogger. Check his site: Taylor Marshall.              [CONT. NEXT WEEK.]


Mass Intentions 17th – 25th

Saturday 17th

6.30pm Mass (John & Janina Paluviski)

Sunday 18th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

10.45am Coreen Mass

Monday 19th

9.00am ( Alan & Pauline Kerr)

Tuesday 20th

9am Mass (Marj Strachan, Carmel Alderman)

Wednesday 21st St Agnes

9am Mass(Margaret & Jerry Naught, John Nolan)

Thursday 22nd

11.40am Novena.

12.00 .Prayers/Holy Communion

Friday 23rd

9am No Mass

Saturday 24th St Frances de Sales

8.45am Rosary & Mass Harry Hughes, Maureen Packer/Bartlett Fm)

6.30pm Vigil (Hilder Williams  & Rippingale Fm)

Sunday 25th 3rd Sunday in Ordinary  

8.00am Mass (All parishioners)

9.30am Federation Service on Mound



Family SYNOD Questionnaire

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It is important work for the Church and we are privileged to participate in this feedback to Rome for the Synod in October this year.

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Sunday Mass Roster 24th – 25th Jan


6.30pm J Heagney

9.00am M Drum


6.30pm S Drum I Brooks

9.00am A Campbell P Lemmon

Spec Min:

6.30pm D & A Norman

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar; N Warhust


6.30pm P Dwyer F Brooks

9.00am C O’Shea

Altar Servers:

6.30pm: L Heagney D Froge

9.00am Z Rippingale E Tidd

Collection: M Drum

Counting Tuesday R Packer I Brooks


Remember in Prayer

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