Payne – Drew Wedding 22nd Nov 2014

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Our prayers and congratulations are offered for:

Sheridan Payne and Michael Drew

married at St Marys


Saturday 08th November 2014

DSCF3475 At Starters orders

Men in Black receive Starter’s orders

DSCF3476 Final tips

Final tips for race of grace

DSCF3480 Crowd Looking good

Congregation awaiting action

DSCF3484 Groom and Cricket team

Groom with back-up forces … 3 more for a cricket team

DSCF3487 Team assembled

Team assembles for action

DSCF3490 Bride greets elder well-wishers

Sheridan greets elder well-wishers before entering church

DSCF3491 1st Bridesmaid holding on

Maid of Honour fulfilling train duties

DSCF3492 Flower-girl stealing show

Flower-girl stealing limelight

DSCF3493 Flower-girl message to Michael

My message: “Michael, here comes the Light of your Life!!”

DSCF3497 Couple on starting blocks

Couple about to enter Sanctuary for ceremony

DSCF3498 Fr Hart  welcomes all

Fr Hart welcomes all to this momentous day for Sheridan and Michael

DSCF3499 Couple intent on Readings

Couple intent on Readings from Scripture

DSCF3502 Stand for Gospel

Standing for Gospel

DSCF3505 That page boy steals the show

That Page Boy steals the show

DSCF3511Reciting Vows

Solemn Exchange of Wedding Vows

DSCF3515 Page Boy delivers rings

Page Boy delivers the ‘goods’ – the Wedding Rings

DSCF3516 Bridesmaids engrossed

Bridesmaids engrossed in the Exchange of Vows

DSCF3520 Important link for life

Beautifully linked for life

DSCF3521 Prayers for the newly-marrieds

Bidding Prayers for the newly-marrieds

DSCF3523 Team assembled for Signatures

Full Team assembly for signatures

DSCF3524 Sheridan signs

Sheridan signs

DSCF3526 Michael signs

Michael signs … camera shakes with impact!

DSCF3527 Family Witnesses

Family witnesses sign

DSCF3533 Time to exit

About to exit through the very happy crowd

DSCF3537 On the Steps to the future

On the steps to the future

DSCF3535 Car looks beautifully retro

Beautiful retro hardware for ‘back to the future’

* * *

Sheridan and Michael,

“may you see your children’s children!” (Ceremony)

* * * * *