Bulletin 30th Sun OT Yr A – 26th Oct 2014

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RELAX, BREATHE, PRAY                            

Once you’ve selected your posture and created an environment that is fit for meditation, close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. Try to relax your body; become aware of your breathing. Then begin the rosary.


These will come to mind; simply acknowledge them and move on. If you are plagued by thoughts of problems or of people, invite them to “have a seat” while you pray. They can sit there while you continue to meditate. Don’t struggle to rid your mind of all distractions or to force every troubling thought out of your head. Acknowledge these distractions and bring them to God.


As you reach the different Mysteries in the course of praying the rosary, focus your attention on that scene. You might find it helpful to read some devotional material about the mystery. You might also listen to music, write, or practice exercises of the imagination.


Because the traditional mysteries are so visually oriented, I will sometimes begin my meditation by painting the scene in my imagination. For example, I might think about what kind of a brush and what colours I would use for the nativity of Jesus. I would think about painting the picture, about how I would depict the gentleness and innocence of a newborn.

IDENTIFY VIRTUES                                            

As I would begin to work on the picture in my mind, my meditation might settle on the virtues of gentleness and innocence. Where in my life is Jesus teaching me how to be gentle, tender? Where in my life can I model the innocence of a newborn child? In what area of my life do I need to place my total trust in Jesus, relying on him for my every need, or to become more childlike and less childish?

READ & CHOOSE A VERSE                          

If your imagination is stirred more by words than by images, write out a description of the scene of the mystery or read the full Scripture passage describing it. Read them, and choose a verse that particularly strikes you.

For example, I read this verse while praying the mystery of the Nativity: “And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn” (Luke 2:7).


I was struck by the phrase “she gave birth.” I realized that to give birth means to give to the world what was exclusively yours for nine months. Preparation is over; it’s now time to give away. I asked myself if I am being called to give something away, not physically like Mary, but creatively. How am I offering my creativity, my imagination, my self, and my gifts to God?


Meditation proceeds in this way. It means reflecting on the words or images that each mystery brings to mind and remaining open to what God would have us understand about how those events relate to our lives. [Liz Kelly, Rosary: Path into Prayer, Loyola Press]

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Masses 30th Week Ordinary Time

October 26th – 2nd November

Saturday 25th October

6.30pm Mass (Olide Adriaensen, Michael Sandral)

Sunday 26th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

Monday 27th

No Mass

Tuesday 28st

9am Mass (Mary Ridgeway, Frank Wallis, Des Griffen)

Wednesday 29th

9am Mass (Vocations, Sr Gerard RSM)

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Thursday 30th

11.40am Novena

12.00 Mass (Balldale Majellan – all members)

Friday 31st

9am Mass (Maree McGrath)

Saturday 01st November

9am Mass (Charles & Margaret Cameron)                                                          

6.30pm Vigil M (Mark Fitzgibbon, Doyle fm.)

Sunday 02nd November HOLY SOULS

9.00am Mass (Deceased parishioners)

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 Sr Patricia O’Connor will be buried from

Sacred Heart Church, North Albury on Friday 31st October at 11:00am.

Sr Pat spent her early years in Corowa and went to St Joseph’s Boarding School in Albury. She entered St Michael’s Novitiate in Goulburn and worked as a secondary school teacher in schools throughout the Wagga Wagga Diocese and the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese. She had leadership positions within the former Goulburn Congregation and in the former Union of the Sisters of Mercy. The Union included 8 Provinces across Australia.

Before going to Mount St Joseph’s, Young, where she died, Sr Pat spent her retiring years in the Sister’s House in Olive Street, Albury.


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Prayer: Middle-East Christians in Iraq suffering beheading of children, torture & exile

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Also Remember in Prayer

Sr Patricia O’Connor (Sr Gerard) RSM, Mark Fitzgibbon, Noel Houlihan, Sr Marie Louise RSM, Aileen Dix, Hunt family, Kevin Elliott, Kerry Plunkett, Jace Whyte, Noreen Rourke, Pat Kelly. Funeral Booklets for deceased at:   http://stmaryscorowa.org/honour-roll/

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NOTICES: Meetings / Imp. Dates:

Wrap with Love: NEXT SEWING DAY: Mon 27th Oct 9.30am-12. All welcome!

28th Oct 5.30pm Finance Committee


30th Oct Thurs 12pm Balldale 40th Anniv. Majellan Mass – Lunch to follow at the Tuileries, Rutherglen. All past & present members incl Corowa past members welcome!! RSVP for catering numbers – to Nora Kingston: 6033 2026 or to Mairead: 6033 3838.

02 Nov Sun 10am-2pm ST MARY’S SCHOOL FETE at St Mary’s School

ADVANCE NOTICE: 2-3RD Dec. ‘Walking with Love’ Regional Workshop at Quality Siesta Resort, 416 Wagga Rd, N. Albury Ph. 02-60254555 “…to support pregnant women continue with their pregnancies.”

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Roster 01st – 02nd November 2014


6.30pm P Culhane, M Macqueen

9.00am R Whitmore


6.30pm Mary Schnelle, R Packer

9.00am P & B Ridge

Spec Min:

6.30pm K O’Halloran, J Lowden

9.00am K Roberts P Lemmon

Altar:  M Fitzgibbon


6.30pm Christine Sandral

9.00am C Sutcliffe

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Zac & Steph Lassey

9.00am Simone & Olivia Aitkin

Collection B O’Shea

Counters Danny & Carmel Salmon

New Mass Rosters on back table

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This week on “The Journey” which airs on 2 November, Sr Hilda will share her reflection on “The Native American”; Peter Gilmore shares his reflection on “Stone rolled away and living our lives” and we hear from Sam Clear in his segment called Walking the Walk.

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