Bulletin 28th Sun Yr A – 12th October 2014


Common good of marriage and the family 

Reflection by Pope (St) John Paul II

MARITAL CONSENT defines and consolidates the good that is common for marriage and the family.

I, N., take you, N., to be my wife/husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.”

COMMUNION OF PERSONS                        

Marriage is a unique communion of persons, and it is on the basis of this communion that the family is called to become a community of persons. This is a commitment which the bride and groom undertake…

‘COMMON GOOD’ FOR COUPLE …                      

The words of consent define the common good of the couple and of the family. First, the common good of the spouses: love, fidelity, honour, and the permanence of their union until death—”all the days of my life“.

…AND THE CHILDREN                                        

The good of both, which is at the same time the good of each, must then become the good of the children.

The common good, by its very nature, both unites individual persons and ensures the true good of each.

SOLEMN PROMISE                                                

It is the spouses who give their consent to each other by a solemn promise – that is by confirming the truth of that consent in the sight of God.

As baptized Christians, they are the ministers of the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Church. Saint Paul teaches that this mutual commitment of theirs is a “great mystery” (Eph 5:32).


The words of consent, then, express what is essential to the common good of the spouses, and they indicate what ought to be the common good of the future family.

ACCEPTING CHILDREN                               

In order to bring this out, the Church asks the spouses if they are prepared to accept the children God grants them and to raise the children as Christians.

This question calls to mind the common good of the future family unit, evoking the genealogy of persons which is part of the constitution of marriage and of the family itself.

The question about children and their education is profoundly linked to marital consent, with its solemn promise of love, conjugal respect, and fidelity until death.

ACCEPTANCE AND EDUCATION OF CHILDREN—two of the primary ends of the family—are conditioned by how that commitment will be fulfilled.


Fatherhood and motherhood represent a responsibility which is not simply physical but spiritual in nature; indeed, through these realities there passes the genealogy of the person, which has its eternal beginning in God and which must lead back to him.

(St John Paul II, 02.02.1994)

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Masses 28th Week Ordinary Time

October 11th – 19th

Saturday 11th

6.30pm Mass (Lance Campbell, N Rourke)

Sunday 12th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

Monday 13th

9am Mass (Marg. Collins; Maria, John Grech)

Tuesday 14th

9am Mass (Mark Fitzgibbon & family; Francis Ginnivan)

Wednesday 15th St Teresa of Jesus

9am Mass (Frank Griffin, J & N Sultana, A & D Grech)

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Thursday 16th

11.40am Novena

12.00 Mass (Sr Pat O’Connor, Bridget Gale)

Friday 17th St Ignatius of Antioch

10am Anoint. Mass in Hall (Sick & Lost ones)

11am Holy Communions to Homes

Saturday 18th St Luke, Evangelist

9am Mass (Phyllis Dick, John & Nell Leahy)                                                            

6.30pm Vigil M (Pat Livingston; Hunt Family)

Sunday 19th

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

10.45 Coreen Mass

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Funeral for Mercy Sr Pat O’Connor (Sr Gerard) who taught here, planned for 31st October in Albury. Cf. Border Mail for details.

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NOTICES: Meetings / Imp. Dates:

14 Oct. (Tue) 7.30pm Francis Sullivan, CEO Truth, Justice & Healing Council at St Joseph’s Leeton. Presentation & Discussion. RSVP: leetonparish@gmail.com.

16 Oct (Thu) 7.00pm St Mary’s Primary Sch. production of ‘Hoodwinked’ at Memorial Hall. All Welcome.

Wrap with Love: CANCELLED THIS MONDAY 13TH OCT. NEXT SEWING DAY: Mon 27th Oct 9.30am-12. All welcome!

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Roster 18th – 19th October 2014


6.30pmSalmon Fm

9.00am M Drum


6.30pm S Drum I Brooks

9.00am A Campbell P Lemmon

Special Ministers:

6.30pm A Pilgrim M Skehan

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar:  M Campbell


6.30pm N Kingston A Pilgrim

9.00am P Hanrahan

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Zac Lassey, Steph Lassey

9.00am Emily Tidd, Lachie Mackenzie

Collection: J Taylor

Counters: L & N Hughes

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Prayer: Middle-East Christians in Iraq suffering beheading of children, torture & exile

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Also Remember in Prayer  

Sr Patricia O’Connor (Sr Gerard) RSM, Mark Fitzgibbon, Noel Houlihan, Sr Marie Louise RSM, Aileen Dix, Hunt family, Kevin Elliott, Kerry Plunkett, Jace Whyte, Noreen Rourke, Pat Kelly. Funeral Booklets of recently deceased at:   http://stmaryscorowa.org/honour-roll/

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This week on “The Journey” which airs on 19 October, we will be hearing from our good friend Sr Hilda with her wisdom from the Abbey, Bruce Downes “The Catholic Guy” will be on the show and we will also hear a great message from Fr Dave Callaghan from the Missionaries of God’s Love. Tune in to 98.5 THE LIGHT Albury Wodonga Sun 11am, repeated 9pm or listen in via podcast anytime at: http://www.dow.org.au/news/catholic-radio