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PREVENTING AOD HARM (AOD = Alcohol & other drugs)

Since 1999, CDATs have implemented thousands of projects to minimise and prevent the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in their communities. To build upon this knowledge and experience, the Australian Drug Foundation is now supporting CDATs with information on best practice in community development and health promotion activities. (Unfortunately several of the ADF’s own sites are unavailable. Alternatives are offered.)

  1. Lobbying for change through the media

Advocacy has played a key role in tobacco law reform. Communities can play an important role in continuing to send governments a message on the need for more change. ADF site unavailable, but check ‘Wombat Creative’ here:


  1. Tackling the root of alcohol and drug problems

Running projects that focus on why people misuse alcohol and drugs, like dysfunctional family relationships, can be more effective than concentrating on the actual alcohol and drug use.

ADF site unavailable, but UK 102 page document is valuable:

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  1. Coordinated approach needed for behaviour change

From schools, to GPs to bars and pubs to workplaces, ensuring your project covers a number of these community settings can help you be more effective and achieve behaviour change. … ADF “coordinated approach” site is the same content as this page. The ADF page is defective – but view it here:


  1. Keeping school leavers safe

Schoolies’ events are often associated with risky drinking among young people. But the Surf Coast Shire community in Victoria has managed to develop a school leavers event that has reduced alcohol-related harm.

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  1. What is alcohol and drug prevention?

There are different types of alcohol and other drug prevention programs and understanding the definitions of them can help you set clear aims for your next community project.

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  1. Preventing alcohol and drug problems in your community

Tackling AOD problems can be challenging and it’s often difficult to achieve results. This (24-page) publication looks at best practice approaches to community programs to give you some ideas for your next project.

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  1. 6 steps to planning community alcohol and drug projects

Discussion guide to assist your working group plan its next community project. Taking some time to follow these steps will help you achieve a better result.

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  1. Leveraging social media

Social media offers huge opportunities to connect with people. Learn how alcohol companies are taking advantage of these opportunities and how you can too in your community projects.

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  1. Preventing alcohol and drug problems through schools

Schools can play a key role in preventing alcohol and drug problmes. Learn how parents and the wider community can help them.

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10. Sporting clubs prove an ideal setting for prevention

Research has shown that programs like “Good Sports” can reduce AOD harm in communities. Learn how sporting clubs have implemented this program to achieve significant results. Unfortunately, the ADF site page is again defective, but the ‘Sale Tennis Club Case Study’ and the References at the bottom of the page are clear.

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Much better site is GOOD SPORTS’ site with an excellent 6 minute promotional video featuring many sports including Wagga Tigers Netball & Football Club. Check site and video here:

11. ADF Search

Online access to reports, books and journal articles on AOD community interventions. Unfortunately, the Search Box accesses only exact titles of items. If you don’t know them, you won’t find them!

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