Border Mail re 6-step Community Action for Prevention of ICE

“Guides give advice on fighting ice”


Sept. 22, 2014, midnight

TWO new practical guides are available to help tackle the region’s ice problem.

The guides have been released as part of the Victorian government’s statewide campaign “What are you doing on ice?” in a bid to beat the the drug’s scourge.


The resources — Coping with ice and Preventing drug and alcohol problems in your community -— have been developed in response to feedback received at community ice forums, such as those held in Wodonga, Wangaratta and Benalla in the past year.


Coping With Ice is a guide for families and friends of ice users.

Developed in partnership with Family Drug Help, it helps people bring up the subject of ice with their loved ones.

Programs manager of Family Drug Help, Ryan Peace said someone’s ice use could have far-reaching effects on their family and friends who were often unsure of how to help.

“Ice is a highly addictive drug which can damage many aspects of a user’s life and can also be stressful and upsetting for a user’s friends and family, who are often left feeling alone and unsure of what to say or do to help a loved one break the habit,” Mr Peace said.

“A key point is to acknowledge that a person using ice needs to be ready to change before they can begin the recovery process.”


The second booklet, Preventing Alcohol and Drug Problems in Your Community, supports communities wishing to deal with issues like ice use.

Australian Drug Foundation chief executive officer John Rogerson said extensive community consultation had shown the determination of communities to deal with alcohol and other drug problems.

The booklet includes a six-step guide for planning a community prevention program.

“We have been encouraged by the number of communities who want to be involved in developing local solutions for their alcohol and drug issues, but we found that while many communities have rallied to the cause some were uncertain what specific steps they should take,” Mr Rogerson said.