Bulletin 14th Sept 2014 – 24th Sun OT Yr A



“Dear Brothers and Sisters:                              

Today I will speak to you about the Eucharist. From this Sacrament of love, in fact, flows every authentic journey of faith, of communion and of witness. What we see when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, the Mass, already gives us an intuition of what we are about to live.

“AT THE CENTRE of the space intended for the celebration there is an altar, which is a table covered with a tablecloth, and this makes us think of a banquet. On the table there is a cross to indicate that on this altar what is offered is the sacrifice of Christ: he is the spiritual food that we receive there, under the species of bread and wine.

“BESIDE THE TABLE is the ambo (the lectern), the place from which the Word of God is proclaimed: and this indicates that there we gather to listen to the Lord who speaks through Sacred Scripture, and therefore the food that we receive is also his Word.

Last Supper Rutherglen church altar - small 600px x 200

Mosaic of Last Supper – Altar at St Mary’s Rutherglen. Click to enlarge

“WORD AND BREAD IN THE MASS become one, as at the Last Supper, when all the words of Jesus, all the signs that he had performed, were condensed into the gesture of breaking the bread and offering the chalice …and in these words: “Take, eat; this is my body… Take, drink of it; for this is my blood”….

“THE EUCHARIST IS THE SUMMIT of God’s saving action: the Lord Jesus, by becoming bread broken for us, pours upon us all of his mercy and his love, so as to renew our hearts, our lives and our way of relating with him and with one another.


“It is for this reason that commonly, when we approach this Sacrament, we speak of “receiving Communion”, of “taking Communion”: this means that by the power of the Holy Spirit, participation in Holy Communion conforms us … to Christ. It gives us a foretaste already, now, of the full communion with the Father that characterizes the heavenly banquet, where together with all the Saints we will have the joy of contemplating God face to face.

“WE DON’T EVER THANK OUR LORD ENOUGH for the gift he has given us in the Eucharist! It is a very great gift and that is why it is so important to go to Mass on Sunday. Go to Mass not just to pray, but to receive Communion, the bread that is the Body of Jesus Christ who saves us, forgives us, unites us to the Father. It is a beautiful thing to do! And we go to Mass every Sunday because that is the day of the resurrection of the Lord. That is why Sunday is so important to us. …

“IT IS IMPORTANT THAT CHILDREN be prepared well for their First Communion and that every child receive it, because it is the first step of this intense belonging to Jesus Christ, after Baptism and Confirmation.”     – Pope Francis 05.02.13.

Pope Francis with 1st Comm children

Pope Francis with First Communion children

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Parish Contact Details

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Masses 24th Week Ordinary Time    


Saturday 13th

6.30pm Mass (Healing, Intercession, Thanks.)

Sunday 14th First Communion Day

9.00am Mass (Mass for all Families, esp. our First Communicants’ families)

Monday 15th our Lady of Sorrows

9am Mass (Alan Whitty, Honor McDonald)

Tuesday 16th Sts Cornelius & Cyprian

9am Mass (Victims MH370 & MH317 & Families)                                                                          

Wednesday 17th  

9am Mass (Shana Wilksn ,Bronw Richardson)

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Thursday 18th

11.40am Novena

12.00 Mass (Carmel Alderman, Marj Strachan)

Friday 19th    

10am Anointing Mass (Sick and Nurses and Carers)

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Saturday 20th                                                                  

9am Mass (Jn, Jim, Kev, Franc Hanrahan)

6.30pm Vigil Mass (Gerald & Marg Naughtin)

Sunday 21st

9.00am Mass (For all Parishioners)

10.30am Coreen Mass

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Continue to pray for persecuted Christians in Iraq and the Middle-East facing great danger.

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NOTICES: Meetings / Imp. Dates:


18th Sept (Thu) 1.45pm CWL Meeting at Hall

20th Sept.(Sat) 9am-3.30pm Women’s Spirituality Day, Wagga, at Sacred Heart Primary Sch. Kooringal.

24th Sept (Wed) 12.30pm Balldale Majellan – Marie Tomlinson’s, 19 Murray St. All Welcome.

03-05 Oct. MEN’S CURSILLO WEEK-END (Fri 7pm – Sun 6pm) – At Mt Erin, Wagga. Contact: Fr Paul Hart 60331927.

Wrap with Love: 9.30-12 noon every 2nd Monday. NEXT SEWING DAY: Mon 15th Sept 9.30am.

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Roster 20th – 21st September 2014


6.30pm P Kerr A Pilgrim

9.00am Matt Drum


6.30pm S Drum I Brooks

9.00am A Campbell P Lemmon

Special Ministers:

6.30pm D & A Norman

9.00am D Collins M Tomlinson

Altar: M Doyle


6.30pm P Dwyer F Brooks

9.00am C O’Shea

Altar Servers:

6.30pm S Knight M Blockley

9.00am B Linsell-Willett J Tilders

Collection: J Taylor

Counters: R Packer I Brooks

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              Olivia Aitken                 Lachlan McKenzie

      Simone Aitken               Letesha O’Halloran

Faith Baker                   Nadia Raschke

 Joy Compton                 Zara Rippingale

Paula De La Vara         Jemma Smith

Taleaka Dickins             Emily Tidd

Liam Fitzgerald             Caleb Tilders

Ned Harvey                   James Tilders

         Jack King                       Hannah Wojtowyez

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Also Remember in Prayer 

Hunt family, Kevin Elliott, Kerry Plunkett, Lance Campbell, Judy Raggett, Sr Elizabeth Mitchell RSM, Maria Jaszczyk, Braedon Hensel, Jace Whyte, Noreen Rourke, Pat Kelly. Funeral Booklets of recently deceased at:   http://stmaryscorowa.org/honour-roll/

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Catholic Charismatic Healing Mass With Father Hugh Thomas St Patrick’s Church Smollett St Albury 3.30pm Saturday 20th September 2pm Talk & Q&A with Father Hugh on his experiences in the Cath Charis Renewal. All welcome. Enquiries Maree 0474124094

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This week on “The Journey” which airs on 14 September, you will hear an interview with Most Reverend Julian Porteus, Archbishop of Hobart and a number of participants from Proclaim 2014.  We also hear from Marilyn Rodriguez who has a brilliant segment this week; sharing Pope Francis’ top 10 tips for happiness.  Tune into 98.5 THE LIGHT Albury Wodonga Sun 11am, repeated 9pm or listen in via podcast anytime at: www.radio.dow.org.au