Bulletin 31st Aug 2014 – 22nd Sun OT Yr A

THEME: Discipleship and the Cross

“Anyone who wants to be a follower of mine, must renounce himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” (Mt. 16)

We must follow Christ DAILY, not occasionally - Copy


JESUS WAS NOT JOKING when he said that to the 12 apostles. Peter had just tried to get Jesus to forget about going to Jerusalem where he would ‘suffer grievously at the hands of the elders and chief priests and scribes.’ Jesus was stern with Peter: ‘Get behind me, Satan.’ He made it clear there is no ‘soft option’ for those who dare to follow him.

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR? Two weeks ago, Pope Francis was in Korea where he beatified 124 martyrs for the faith. “They were willing to make great sacrifices and let themselves be stripped of whatever kept them from Christ – possessions and land, prestige and honour – for they knew that Christ alone was their true treasure,” Pope Francis told the crowd in his sermon.

They challenge us to think about what, if anything, we ourselves would be willing to die for.”

This was a very significant and poignant moment for the Catholic Church in South Korea, because the people who were beatified were the founders of the church 200 years ago.

THE MARTYRS WERE LAYMEN & WOMEN   They were unique because they were not converted by missionaries who came to Korea, but learnt about Catholicism themselves and brought the books back to Korea to spread the Catholic Church and were executed by the royal authorities for doing so.

Pope Francis was addressing 800,000 people in Seoul when he asked the question posed by the martyrs: ‘What, if anything, would we be willing to die for?’ This choice faced by the martyrs, including those dying today in the Middle East at the hands of ISIL terrorists, is a frightening one.

THE KOREAN MARTYRS WERE TORTURED horrendously before being killed. The people being driven from their homes in Iraq and Syria on account of their beliefs are losing everything, being forced into absolute penury. It is because they refuse to deny their faith and collaborate, that they face mayhem, torture, death and destruction.

THE CHOICE IS BLACK AND WHITE: Convert, run, or die. For Christians, it is deny Christ or die. The terror – a paralysing fear – grips towns and villages of Christians, Yezidis, and even Shia Muslims, in the face of a ruthless, merciless enemy. Some have been crucified on crosses, just like Jesus.

AUSTRALIA, OUR BLESSED HOMELAND, thus far is spared such devastating atrocities. Our faith, today’s Sunday Gospel, yesterday’s and today’s martyrs, all challenge us: Are we ready to die for Jesus? Who can say that the godless plague of barbaric ISIL will not infect the peace of Australian society?

WE HAVE SERIOUS MATERIAL FOR PRAYER in what is happening to our brothers and sisters in their countless thousands. It is material for urgent, persistent prayer for the peace of Australian society to be preserved.

BE WORTHY KEEPERS OF THE PEACE by praying earnestly for world peace, peace in those troubled lands, and peace in Australia.

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NB: Fr Hart on annual leave till 4th Sept

 Masses 22th Week Ordinary Time

Saturday 30th August    

6.30pm Mass – Fr Victory

Sunday 31 August  

9.00am Mass – Fr Victory

Monday 01st September

No Mass

Tuesday 2nd Sept.  

No Mass

Wednesday 3rd Sept.

No Mass

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Thursday 4th Sept.

11.40am Novena

12.00 Communion Service

Friday 5th Sept.    

Karinya Mass – Anointing of Sick

11.00am Holy Communions to Homes

Saturday 6th Sept.                                                                  

No Morning Mass

6.30pm Vigil Mass – Welcome home, Fr Hart

Sunday 7th Sept.

9.00am Mass (For all parishioners)

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 NOTICES: Meetings / Imp. Dates:

9th Sept (Tue) 7.30pm 1st Communicants’ Confessions to prepare for their 1st Holy Communion Day


20th Sept. (Sat)Women’ Spirituality Day Wagga

Wrap with Love: 9.30-12 noon every 2nd Monday. NEXT SEWING DAY: Mon 1st Sept 9.30am

CATHOLIC RADIO: This week on “The Journey” Catholic Radio Program which airs on 31 August, we hear from Marilyn Rodriguez – The Peaceful Parent/Gratitude not jealousy as a road to peace and harmony, “The Catholic Guy” Bruce Downes and The Pirolas – The joy of growing and changing together.  Tune into 98.5 THE LIGHT Albury Wodonga Sun 11am, repeated 9pm or listen in via podcast anytime at www.radio.dow.org.au


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Roster 30-31 August 2014


  1. 30pmN Sandral J Heagney
  2. 00am Svarc Family


  1. 30pm J Schnelle P Schnelle
  2. 00am E Christy B Christy

Special Ministers:

  1. 30pm I & F Brooks
  2. 00am K Flower K King

Altar: M Doyle


  1. 30pm A Pilgrim P Kerr
  2. 00am P Hanrahan

Altar Servers:

  1. 30pm Dylan Forge Luke Heagney
  2. 00am Emily Tidd, Lachie Mackenzie

Collection: B O’Shea

Counters: Danny & Carmel Salmon

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Continue to pray for persecuted Christians in Iraq and the Middle-East… And let’s not forget: peace in Australia!

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Anniversaries this week

Barry Baker, Frank Borhi, Carmen O’Donoghue, Iris Drum, Marianne Marsden

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