Bulletin 24th August 2014 – 21st Sun OT Yr A

THEME: ‘My Parliament’ – My Voice

Last week this column invited you to urgently write to Parliament to help prevent the passage of a Bill now before parliament that proposes euthanasia as a Medical Service.

If you wrote to Parliament, you are to be congratulated; you are actively exercising your democratic rights in a Christian manner. If you did not act and write, please, at least pray against all such bills that are directly contrary to God’s laws.


If you are a little ‘tech-savvy’, and if you have a laptop, or computer and can access the Internet, cop this: the Australian Federal Government website has a special place for YOU to express your opinion directly to Senators and the MHRs. You can in a matter of 5 minutes ‘Register’ and have your own direct link to parliament.

This is what is commonly known as ‘Direct Action’ – where your voice may be registered in support of, or against, any of the many bills before National Parliament.


Never before in history has it been possible for countless ordinary citizens to have their voices heard directly in parliament. The God-given gift of the Internet has opened this door to all citizens so that they may express themselves and their values to Senators and MHRs on the bills before Parliament. – Any bill! – Any day of the week!


Just open the Federal Parliament website. Look for the ‘MY PARLIAMENT’ heading on the right side. Click on it and follow the steps to register as a public voice for Australian and Christian principles and values. Go here first: http://www.aph.gov.au/

Then click ‘MY PARLIAMENT’; it opens a window inviting you to ‘Log in’ or ‘Register’. Follow the steps.


Then search for the bills before the Senate and House of Reps. Click on the ones you feel need a Christian ‘balance’ and then write your short submission. Be polite, clear, and Christian in expressing your view. Focus on the issue/bill, not on any minister or parliamentarian.

If you have ever felt powerless in the face of ‘big government’, here is a direct line for you to have a positive influence.


You may still say, ‘It’s useless!’ Wrong! Every individual who ‘speaks up’ in the public forum – via any form of communication, letters, phone calls, emails, direct action blogs to parliament or against mass media adverts, or public shows, it is calculated that 100 people have the same view, but did not ‘speak up’. The speaker has value.


This statistic niggles the ‘hip pocket nerve’ of every company that advertises publicly. A company will quickly remove offensive materials that receive sufficient negative ‘hits’ from the public, because their bottom-line is at stake. That’s painful news. Imagine: 20 objectors è 2,000 lost sales! = Grey hairs for every advertiser.


The same holds true in parliament. If you express your opinion on an issue, Senators and MHRs know you are not a solitary voice, but one of dozens holding the same view. So, speak up on critical issues, in many forums: be the strong powerful influence Jesus wants you to be.


Australia’s very secular culture needs your Christian voice speaking against the tsunami of non-Christian values. The Pope has often challenged us to be more vocal about the values we hold dear.


We owe it to society, to our children and grandchildren. Will we hand on to them a completely agnostic, atheistic, anti-God, anti-Christian society, because we decided it was ‘useless’? Or, because we were too timid? Or, because we were too lazy to put a few words together for and against bills in parliament that were against Christian principles?

The responsibility of FAITH is serious; we must speak up, especially when ‘MY PARLIAMENT’ is offering us an active voice.

Australian_Coat_of_Arms - fr Wikipedia on Canb. Parl. Hse

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