Bulletin 17 August 2014 – 20th Sun OT Yr A



On the 24th of June Senator Di Natale secured a reference to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee of his Exposure draft of the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014 for an inquiry.

The full details about the inquiry can be found at the Government Legal and Constitutional Committee’s webpages. Just click the link: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/                  Legal_and_Constitutional_Affairs/Dying_with_Dignity .

About the bill:


The bill seeks to utilize the Commonwealth’s powers under health to have defined therein a medical service called a ‘dignity in dying medical service’; such service including access to both euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Having both euthanasia & assisted suicide defined as a medical service under an Act of the Commonwealth would see euthanasia & assisted suicide available in every Australian State & Territory.

Previously, euthanasia & assisted suicide bills have been debated in the Australian States. The States administer Criminal Codes for their own jurisdictions; such Criminal Codes including the offence of homicide, under which euthanasia and assisted suicide have always been an offence.

It remains to be seen whether the Commonwealth can use its health powers under the Constitution to enact such a law and, indeed, how the conflict thereafter between the Commonwealth law and the States’ Criminal Codes will be resolved.

 Please join in opposing this bill by making a brief submission to the Inquiry!

Submissions can be made by anyone and needn’t be any more onerous than an email or letter outlining your opposition and making one or two reasons why you oppose such a law.

The final date for submissions is the 21st of August. – THURSDAY! – ACT ON IT TODAY.

WRITE YOUR PERSONAL LETTER OR EMAIL TO CANBERRA. … 65 cents now (one concession stamp for your letter) could scuttle this terrible bill and save you untold anxiety in the future when you are frail and elderly.

Thoughts to help you express your opposition:

  • This bill would require that euthanasia & assisted suicide be accepted as medical services. Directly killing or providing the means for a patient to kill themselves is not part of medicine.
  • Does this mean that Australian taxpayers will be footing the bill for death through Medicare? This is a totally unacceptable, immoral use of our taxes!
  • We should reject the use of euphemisms for euthanasia & assisted suicide. Dignity in Dying Medical Service is such a euphemism. Dignity is not dispensed through a lethal injection or a fatal dose!
  • This is an abuse of our system of government and our Constitution. At Federation the Criminal Codes covering homicide were allocated to the states to administer. If this bill were to pass, the Commonwealth would be in conflict with the States and would be trampling upon states’ rights.
  • No matter what so-called safeguards are put in place, no euthanasia or assisted suicide law is ever safe from abuse. Consider the recent testimony of Dutch Prof. Theo Boer: Once an advocate for the Dutch law and a member of the evaluation committees, Prof Boer recently told the British Press, “I was wrong! Don’t go there!”                                    
  • [Click the following link and read the disturbing reasons for the about-face of Professor Boer]:

(cf: http://noeuthanasia.org.au/blog/2044-dutch-ethicist-assisted-suicide-don-t-go-there.html )

  • The bill talks about access to a Palliative Care Specialists, but not every Australian has access depending on where they live.

Send your letter to: Committee Secretary,

Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee,

PO Box 6100, Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

Send your email to:  sen@aph.gov.au

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