Bulletin 20 July 2014 16 OT

Collecting and burning the darnel at harvest Mt 13.24-43

Mt. 13 – Harvesting wheat; burning darnel

 THEME: God gives us time to grow – no early weeding out!

There were people in Our Lord’s time who wanted Him to separate the bad from the good as well. Among them were people who claimed the moral high ground, the Pharisees whose name means “the separated ones.”

Even John the Baptist expected Jesus to separate the cream from the skim. He said (Mt 3:12) “He will gather his wheat into his barn; but the chaff he will burn in a fire that will never go out.”

Our Lord didn’t do that. He had all sorts of people around him: the learned, the ignorant, the good-living, the bad-living, tax-collectors, prostitutes, the lot. What is he doing? they said. Why doesn’t he weed them out?


As any gardener knows, the weeds must be left until the seedling can be clearly recognised. Even then, removing the weeds may pose an even greater threat. It might sever the seedling’s root system. Often the weed brings the seedling away with it.


In the case of human beings it is an even more risky business. “Weeding-out” has no history of success, but that doesn’t seem to curb people’s passion for it.

Exactly twenty years, ago in April 1994, Rwandan Hutu tribesmen tried to ‘weed out’ all Tutsis from Rwanda. In just 100 days, 1 million people were massacred – 20% of the total population. This is racism in its extreme – where one group murders another. The result: murders and atrocities on both sides and a sharply divided nation in serious need of reconciliation.


Strange isn’t it that Christ never weeded out Judas? The church did not always show her master’s tolerance. Galileo could testify to that. The parable of the weeds is starkly simple and yet widely ignored.

To the question “Do you want us to go and weed it out?” the answer of Jesus is a categorical “No.”

And the reason is self-evident: Only God has eyes sufficiently discerning and fingers sufficiently gentle for this job. Weeding out is God’s prerogative. Life would be so much better for everybody, if we would just leave it to him.

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Rebuilding Rwanda through Reconciliation

Rwandan Fr Emmanuel appeals in Australia

Fr Emmanuel Nysengiyumva appeals in Australia


Inspirational Rwandan genocide survivor and priest, Father Emmanuel Nsengiyumva, recently completed the first leg of his nationwide tour of fourteen Australian Catholic dioceses in fifty days—deeply touching the hearts and minds of hundreds of people in Sydney, Broken Bay, Parramatta and Wollongong.

Fr Emmanuel told of the remarkable healing process that is taking place in Rwanda, two decades after the spate of systematic mass killings erupted across his homeland, carried out by those he describes as “genocide machines”. [1 Million murdered and massacred in 100 days – 20% of Rwanda’s total population.]


He also described his deep wounds from losing two of his brothers, and witnessing so many atrocities during the genocide, but how he was able to heal through the love of God and now dedicates his life to helping others to do the same.

The thirty-eight year old parish priest is positive about his purpose in sharing such a heartbreaking, poignant and captivating story: “I’ve come to share with Australians my sorrows that are shared with my country and my church; but I am also here to share with Australians our hope for a brighter future through healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.”


Catholic Mission Diocesan Director for the Sydney Archdiocese and Broken Bay and Parramatta dioceses, Ms Kathryn Endicott, says Fr Emmanuel exhibits a rare and inspiring attitude: “The first thing people have noticed is how warm and engaging he is,” says Ms Endicott. “The most incredible thing about Fr Emmanuel is the extreme hope and faith he has in Rwanda. Those who meet him cannot help but want to invest in the work he and the Catholic Church are doing for the future of his country.”


Many Rwandans have now healed thanks to the practical, spiritual and emotional support of the Church, including healing and reconciliation classes and counselling. Incredible as this is, some vital steps still need to be taken. “The two churches in my parish have become official memorials of the genocide,” Fr Emmanuel explains. “We lost our place of worship and we desperately want to complete the construction and help bring new life to my community.”


Fr Emmanuel’s next stops are Armidale and Tamworth, before taking in Brisbane, Cairns and Lismore. He will then head south to Melbourne, stopping by in Ballarat before moving on to Adelaide and Perth.


Catholic Mission’s ‘Heal the broken-hearted’ campaign highlights the work of the Catholic Church in Rwanda in helping the people to heal, forgive and unite, twenty years after the genocide. The appeal, featuring in parishes around Australia in the coming months, will raise funds to support the vital work of the Catholic Church in Rwanda, including the building of a new church in Fr Emmanuel’s parish of Nyamata.


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