Bulletin 13th July 2014 OT 15th Sunday

THEME: Christ sows the Word in our hearts

The Lord Jesus came down to us and we enjoy the fruit of his blessing. More specifically, he is still with us as the Risen Lord. His presence is one of power and humility and a loving challenge to grow with him. “You care for the earth and give it water(Ps.64:10).


The Sower went forth sowing,

The seed in secret slept

Through weeks of faith and patience,

Till out the green blade crept;

And warmed by golden sunshine,

And fed by silver rain,

At last the fields were whitened

To harvest once again.

O praise the heavenly Sower,

Who gave the fruitful seed,

And watched and watered duly,

And ripened for our need.

(William S. Bourne)

 His presence is seen “as the rain and snow come down from the heavens and do not return without watering the earth(Is.55:10), and such is the action of the word of God in our hearts “that goes from my mouth does not return to me empty(Is. 55:11).

Jesus is the living water, the fountain of life, in this earthly desert of our existence. We can understand why “the whole of creation is waiting for God to reveal his (Son) sons (and daughters)” (Rom.8:19). What revelation are you to others?

You are sons and daughters chosen in the plan of salvation. “The mysteries of the kingdom of heaven are revealed to you(Matt.13:11).

Jesus is the “sower who went out to sow(Matt.13:3). How does this seed, His seed, grow in our hearts?

Is there a longing in our hearts? Do “we groan inwardly waiting…to be set free(Rom.8:13).

The Gospel today describes the different soils (our hearts) into which the seed (word of God) comes. Which is you: hard ground, rocky, thorny or good?. Hopefully, you are like the seed that “fell into rich soil and produced its crop(Response to the Psalm).

Who “receives the seed in rich soil hears the word and understands (Matt.13:23) is blessed.

Happy are your eyes because they see, your ears because they hear!(Matt.13:16).

Today, try to read the full parable of the Sower (Matt.13:1-23) and Jesus’ explanation of it. Keep asking yourself: “What kind of soil am I?”

  The doctrine in today’s Gospel is: God wants his word to take root in us and produce a hundred-fold. We must ask ourselves how can I make this a reality today and each day?


Christian mission is evangelization, to sow the word of God in the hearts of people. It is also pre-evangelization i.e. help prepare their hearts to receive the Word.

Behold! the heavenly Sower

Goes forth with better seed,

The Word of sure salvation,

With feet and hands that bleed;

Here in His Church ‘tis scattered

Our spirits are the soil;

Then let an ample fruitage

Repay his pain and toil.

Oh, beauteous is the harvest,

Wherein all goodness thrives,

And this the true thanksgiving,

The first fruits of our lives.

[Fr Alan Moss OMI – S. Africa]

*  *  *

apostolatus-maris - LARGE


Message for Seafarers’ Sunday                    

Throughout the history of mankind, the sea was the place where routes of explorers and adventurers intersected and where battles determined the rise and fall of many nations. But it is, above all, a privileged place for exchange of goods and global trade.

1.2m SEAFARERS SERVE US                      

Over 90% of merchandise worldwide is transported by nearly 100,000 ships that are sailing from one end of the world to the other, run by a workforce of approximately 1.2 million seafarers of all races, nationalities and religions.

Today we are invited to be aware of the hardships seafarers face every day, and the service provided by the Apostleship of the Sea supporting them when they are in port.

Look around, see the many objects in our daily life that have come to us through the hard and laborious work of seafarers.


Their life is difficult and dangerous [more than 1,000 lost their lives at sea in 2012]; they face piracy on many maritime routes and the danger of criminalization and abandonment without wages, food and protection in foreign ports.

CONTINUOUSLY AT SEA                                

The sea, the ship and the port are the universe of life for seafarers. Economically, a ship must sail continually from port to port and, with mechanization, the time in port is reduced and sailors have little time for shore leave.


Seafarers do not chose their companions of the journey. Each crew is a microcosm of nationalities, cultures and religions, forced to live together in the limited are of a ship for the duration of the contract – usually 6 to 9 months. They have little in common and many must communicate in a language not their own.


Loneliness and isolation are the daily bread of the job – away from their families for long periods. On board, even in our high-tech age, it is not easy to keep in contact with family and friends. Children are born and grow up without their presence in the family, thus increasing the sense of loneliness.

90 YEARS OF SEAFARER CARE                  

For 90 years the Church has been providing pastoral care to seafarers worldwide. Every year thousands are welcomed to the Stella Maris centres in Australian ports. There they can relax away from the ship and contact family members through different means. Chaplains and volunteers are extremely important to this ministry.

VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS                        

The Apostleship of the Sea also gives a voice to those who often have no voice, denouncing abuses and injustices, defending the rights of the people of the sea and asking the maritime industry and governments to respect international conventions.

YOUR SUPPORT                                                        

Please pray for all seafarers today and support the Apostleship of the Sea through the envelopes provided at the back of the church. All funds raised are spent only for support of seafarers reaching Australian ports.

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Parish CONTACT details

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Masses 15th Week Ordinary Time 

Saturday 12th July    

6.30pm Mass (Kathleen Cavanagh, Pat Kelly)

Sunday 13th July Seafarers’ Sunday

9.00am Mass (All St Mary’s parishioners)

Monday 14th July St Camillus

9.00am Mass (Manda Honner, Fr. S. Conroy)

Tuesday 15th July St Bonaventure

9.00am Mass (Peter Kelly, Marie Trimble)

Wednesday 16th July O. Lady of Mt Carmel  

9.00am No Mass.

11.00am Holy Communion to Homes

Thursday 17th July                  

11.40am Novena

12noon Mass (Gerry & Jean O’Donnell.)

Friday 18th July      

9.00am Mass (Sick & Suffering.)

11.00am Holy Communions to Homes

Saturday 19th July

8.45am Rosary & Mass (Noreen Rourke, Mgr John White, support for family of Jace Whyte)

6.30pm Vigil (John Kelly, John Hanrahan)

Sunday 20th July

9.00am Mass (All St Mary’s parishioners)

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NOTICES: Meetings / Imp. Dates:

17th July (Thu) at 1.45pm.C.W.L – Parish Hall

26th July (Sat) Liturgical Music Workshop – Wagga

29th Aug. CARE Fundraising event

20th Sept. Women’ Spirituality Day. Wagga.

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Volunteers Wanted: Wrap with Love

9.30-12 noon every 2nd Monday.

In St Mary’s Parish Hall – Enjoy cuppa & chat

Contact: Carmel Moroney – 6033 5381

NEXT SEWING DAY: Mon 21st July 9.30am

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Remember in Prayer our Recently Deceased

Mary Jaszczyk, Bishop John Jobst SAC, Braedon Hensel, Mgr John White, Jace Whyte, Noreen Rourke, Jack Fowles, Margaret Hayhoe, Sr Clare Sheedy RSM, Max Sykes, Patricia Kelly, Brian Knight, Bede Guthrie, Margaret Elliott, John Skehan, John Hanrahan, Nicole Collins [Access Funeral Booklets of recently deceased at:


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Roster 19th -20th July 2014


6.30pm P Culhane, J Heagney

9.00am R Whitmore


6.30pm I Brooks, G Kingston

9.00am P Ridge, B Ridge

Special Ministers:

6.30pm K O’Halloran, M Nixon

9.00am K Roberts, P Lemmon

Altar: M Macqueen


6.30pm D Robinson, Christine Sandral

9.00am C Sutcliffe

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Luke Heagney, Sarah Knight

9.00am Olivia & Simone Aitken

Collection: J Taylor

Counters: Laurie & Nancy Hughes

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