Bulletin 22nd – 28th Dec 2013


Diocese of Wagga Wagga N.S.W.      

Fr. Paul Hart. P.P.            

22nd December 2013

 23 Parade Place, P.O. Box 69, Corowa NSW 2646.

We honour the traditional owners of this land, the Kwat Kwat peoples and the Wiradjuri Nation

St. Mary Mackillop, pray for us.

Diocesan Provident Fund – P.O. Box 4 Wagga Wagga 2650,  Ph.  02 6937 0099 or    dpf@csoww.catholic.ed.au

Phone: 02 6033 1927.  Fax:  02 6033 0650   Email:  smpcph@bigpond.com   website   www.stmaryscorowa.org

Hall bookings: 02 60335381 (Terry & Carmel Moroney)

Office Hours:  9.00am to 12.00pm.  Mon & Fri.

St Mary’s Court Retirement Units:  02 6033 1927

St Mary’s School:   02 6033 1183

Advent 4: Thoughts for the Week

Christmas is at the door; which is to say – “Emmanuel” – God-is-with-us!

Our human family has suffered because of the failure of Adam and Eve to obey God’s will. For aeons of time the promised Saviour was ‘in the future’. But now, at Christmas, we celebrate that Mary gave birth to the One who untied the knot of our despair and dissolved our fear of death – both were the consequence of sin.

God’s Christmas gift to us is Jesus – his name means ‘the one who saves’. He will ‘take away the sins of the world’. So, no longer do I need to carry the ball and chain of my sin. This week I can confess my sins and know they are truly forgiven. When that truth enters my heart, I am like a convict, emancipated and freed beyond my prison walls.  ‘My prison walls’? Yes, my sin is my prison. “Sin pays its wage – death; but God’s free gift is eternal life in union with Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rm6.23).

So this Christmas ‘Let the Lord enter; He is the King of glory’. Welcome God, the Lord Jesus, into your life and your family this Christmas. Recall the words of today’s Responsorial Psalm: “Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord? The man with clean hands and pure heart. …He shall receive blessings from the Lord and reward from the God who saves him” (Ps.23). That is what God longs for; what do you long for this Christmas?

Presents for Jesus from you and your family


  •  As a family attend a Reconciliation service and ask God’s loving forgiveness.

Prayers & Reflections:                                             

  • Thank God for those whom you have known who have died in 2013, and pray for the happy repose of their souls.

Promises & Commitments:                        

  •  “Planned Giving” commitments falling behind? Put the “catch-up” amount in a Christmas card and submit it as your “Present for Jesus”.


Teens & Young People:

  • Can you be part of the World Youth Day in Poland in 2016? …Saving enough cash begins now.

Talents & Time:

  • Volunteer to help the underprivileged in Australia or abroad. Check the PALMS website www.palms.org.au/‎ [Talk to Noreen Hogan or Bernadette Ridge who have both been to East Timor with PALMS.]
  • Mow the lawn for a neighbour who may not be able to do it themselves.
  • Cook, or prepare a meal for someone in need. …Or buy a takeaway one for such a person.
  • Volunteer for some ministry in the parish and discover that it is a present for you as well as for Jesus.

Parish Initiatives:                                       

  • Organise a variation of the original “Boxing Day”. Have parishioners bring in duplicate, or otherwise unneeded, Christmas presents or gift cards for re-distribution to the needy. Arrange a ‘Vinnies’ notice in the Bulletin; have it announced.
  • Volunteer to coordinate or help with a “give a lift” scheme – to drive parishioners to Mass who are unable to drive themselves.
  • Celebrate your Christmas happily and in a holy manner – receiving Jesus the Saviour in the Sacraments

Parish Events Advent Week IV : 22-28 Dec

Saturday 21st Dec

6.30pm Mass

Sunday 22nd 4th week of Advent

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)

Monday 23rd  

9.00am Mass

Tuesday 24th – Christmas Eve

9.00am Mass

??? Vigil/Midnight Mass

Wednesday 25th CHRISTMAS DAY    

9.00am Mass

11.00am Communion to homes & Karinya

Thursday 26th St Stephen 1ST Martyr

11.30am Novena.

12.00 Mass

Friday 27th St John Apostle

9.00am Mass

Communion to Homes

Community Prayer Spot resumes in late January.

Saturday 28th Holy Innocents

8.45am Rosary & 9.00am Mass

6.30pm Vigil Mass

Sunday 29th Holy Family

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)


Remember in Prayer

Recently deceased: Patricia Seymour, Frances Hanrahan, Kathleen Keyes, Pauline Harris, Alma O’Brien, Bishop Brennan, Alan Whitty, and Dimpy Weston.


Thank you to all who helped the Parish Raffle to be a success. The winners were:

1st Prize:……..

2nd Prize:……

3rd Prize:……

Roster 28th  – 29th  Dec


6.30pm O’Halloran Family

9.00am Svarc Family


6.30pm E Kingston J Lowden

9.00am P Ridge B Ridge

Special Ministers:

6.30pm T Drum J Lowden

9.00am K Flower K King

Altar M Doyle


6.30pm D & E Clohessy

9.00am PT Moroney Hanrahan

Altar Servers:

6.30pm Dylan Forge & Zac

9.00am Meg Rogers Jorja Kingston

Collection ??

Counters: ??


St Vincent de Paul – Wanted: Volunteer Driver

St Vinnies are asking anyone who can volunteer their time from Mon to Fri to drive and pick up furniture and deliver to the New Vinnies Store,

Phone 60332309 Co Marg Tomlinson

Thank you

Help Support Vinnies Giving Tree 

Christmas Hampers. Please take an envelope & place items beneath tree