Bulletin 15th – 21st Dec 2013



Diocese of Wagga Wagga N.S.W.      

Fr. Paul Hart. P.P.            

15th December 2013

 23 Parade Place, P.O. Box 69, Corowa NSW 2646. 

We honour the traditional owners of this land, the Kwat Kwat peoples and the Wiradjuri Nation      

St. Mary Mackillop, pray for us.     

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Advent 3: Thoughts for the Week

Today’s Gospel recounts John the Baptist in prison and Jesus’ praise for John. John had done no more than speak the truth and he landed in prison and would soon by martyred. Jesus followed the same road proclaiming ‘The truth will set you free’ (Jn 8.32) and died for the truth.

Today in 2013, there are thousands upon thousands of prisoners of conscience, imprisoned for speaking the truth. This Christmas let us remember them – separated, suffering, tortured, alone and lonely. Let them feel the love of God because you have prayed for them with fervour.

If you want to contact a prisoner who is in prison for his/her faith, use the website of VOICE OF MARTYRS to find details. http://www.prisoneralert.com/vompw_writing.htm

“Serving the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance while leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with them.” – VOM mission statement.

Is VOM a denomination or is it affiliated with a denomination?

The Voice of the Martyrs is an interdenominational organization working with Christians around the world being persecuted for their faith in Christ. We have multiple offices around the world with staff members from many different denominations, all working with the common goal of helping the suffering church.

How much would it cost you to write to a Christian in prison for his/her faith? What would you say? How could you encourage him/her? It is all on the above website.

Today’s Gospel reminds us of John in prison; it should also remind us of those Catholics and Christians in over 40 countries who are suffering separated, tortured and lonely in prison because they believe in Jesus. Pray for them and consider writing. More information can be had from St Mary’s Parish Office. Your letter/Christmas card may not reach them before Christmas, but they will be greatly comforted when it does arrive. The Letter to the Hebrews 13.3: ‘Remember the Lord’s people who are in jail and be concerned for them. Don’t forget those who are suffering, but imagine that you are there with them.’

Your letter will be translated into the language of the prisoner. Some of the details – if you wish to write:

Writing Tips

Don’t mention: • VOM • your personal details • your political views

Do mention: • Bible verses (write them in full) • your prayers for the prisoner

Please mail to Voice of the Martyrs: PO Box 250 Lawson NSW, Australia 2783.

Donations can also be made through VOM website: www.persecution.com.au

SAMPLE LETTER [Real Prisoner’s name]

Dear Alimujiang,

I gave thanks for you when I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus. I pray you feel the presence of our Lord surrounding you today. We love you and your family; we are praying for you, your family, and your guards. When one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers. Many Christians around the world are standing with you.

10 Prisoner’s profiles (and their alleged ‘crimes’) are listed at http://www.vom.com.au/get-involved/advocacy/prisoner-profiles/

Presents from you to Jesus this Christmas:

For Adults:

  • Pray for the Christians in prison and, if possible write a letter to one.
  • Gift an engaged or married couple with an “Engaged” or a “Marriage” Encounter weekend.


  • Take an envelope from the Vinnies’ Christmas Tree at the back of our church and provide the suggested items to St V de Paul for distribution at Christmas.


  • Reconcile with a family member or former close friend.


  • Invite an irregular church-going friend or family member to join you for a Christmas Day Mass.
  • Invite someone who may be on their own to join you for a Christmas meal.

Promises and Commitments:

  • Commit to putting aside time for some “God Moments” in your day.


  • Get the family together and make-over a sick or elderly neighbour’s garden.


  • Include in their Christmas present “allowance” a specific sum that they should spend on their choice of a “Birthday Present for Jesus”.

Parish Events Advent Week III : 15- 21 Dec

Saturday 14th Dec St Ambrose

6.30pm Mass

Sunday 15th         3rd week of Advent

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)

.Monday 16th

9.00am Mass

Tuesday 17th

9.00am Mass

Wednesday 18th    

9.00am Mass

11.00am Communion to homes & Karinya

Thursday 19th

11.30am Novena.

12.00 Mass

Friday 20th

9.00am Mass

Communion to Homes

Community Prayer Spot resumes in late January.

Saturday 21st

8.45am Rosary & 9.00am Mass

6.30pm Vigil Mass

Sunday 22nd – 4th Sun Advent

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)


Remember in Prayer

Recently deceased: Patricia Seymour, Frances Hanrahan, Kathleen Keyes, Pauline Harris, Alma O’Brien, Bishop Brennan, Alan Whitty, Dimpy Weston.

Roster 21st  – 22nd  Dec


6.30pm J Clohessy, J & C Tilders

9.00am R Whitmore


6.30pm I Brooks, P Nixon

9.00am E Christy, B Christy

Special Ministers:

6.30pm K O’Halloran, M Nixon

9.00am K Roberts, P Lemmon

Altar M Doyle


6.30pm D Robinson, Christine Sandral

9.00am C Sutcliffe

Altar Servers:

6.30pm L Heagney

9.00am Hannah Tidd, Bree Willett-Linsell

Collection ??

Counters: ??

St Vincent de Paul – Wanted: Volunteer Driver

St Vinnies are asking anyone who can volunteer their time from Mon to Fri to drive and pick up furniture and deliver to the New Vinnies Store.

Contact: Marg Tomlinson Phone 60332309

Thank you.

Help Support Vinnies Giving Tree 

Christmas Hampers. Please take an envelope from the Christmas Tree & purchase and place items beneath tree. St Vinnies members will collect them.