Bulletin 8th – 14th Dec 2013

Mosaic of Mary from the Holy Land

Monday 9th December is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary


Diocese of Wagga Wagga N.S.W.

Fr. Paul Hart. P.P.

8th – 14th December 2013

Advent Wreath

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St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop Patron of the Diocese of Wagga, pray for us.

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Advent 2 Yr A - b&w Prep the W of the L

Advent 2: Thought for the Week

Last Sunday the new ‘Church’ year began – the Liturgical Year. The “Liturgy” is literally the work of worship, or prayer, and our ‘Liturgical Year’ is the manner in which we approach God in the Mass and sacraments throughout the year. It is marked by special feast days which highlight Jesus’ life.

In Advent we prepare our hearts and minds and families to celebrate the birthday of God-as-Man, Jesus the Christ, the only Son of the Father, on Christmas Day.  As Catholics and Christians, it is our duty to ‘get ready’ to welcome Jesus joyfully into our human family.

ANRA, the Australian National Retailers Association tell us that Australians are about to spend up big this Christmas – $29.6 billion. That is an average of $1280 for every shopper over the Christmas season. The mind boggles! Perhaps you won’t do that, perhaps it is only a figure suited to big cities and big stores. However, it is telling us something: Australians like to celebrate.

But how many will recognize that JESUS IS THE REASON for the season? As believers, it is our responsibility to witness to that central message. We can do so in practical ways – personally, within the family, and in relation to our neighbours.

So, here are more “Presents for Jesus” you can consider giving this Advent.

Advent 2 - b&w - Jn baptg Jesus in backgr

Gifts for Adults:

  • Gift your spouse a weekend retreat at a Retreat House in your      vicinity.
  • If asked “What would you like for Christmas?” include one or two “Presents for Jesus” in your wish list.

Prayers & Reflection

  • Promise Jesus that every day or every week you will go to the telephone directory, look up “Catholic Church”, find a different organisation or institution and ask the Lord to bless it, the people working in it, and the people they serve.


  • Make a donation to any fund your parish may have for special projects of parish church restoration or beautification. You know our St Mary’s parish Corowa is about to have the Stations of the Cross restored in January. Any donation to help defray the considerable cost will be very pleasing to Jesus. (..and our PP!).


  • Is this the time to reconnect with one of your Godchildren? The spark of your act of faith and kindness can rekindle their faith.


  • Don’t hide your Christianity at Christmas (e.g. write Christmas not “Xmas”; choose and send Christmas cards not “Season’s Greetings” ones).

Promises and Commitments

  • If you are a “Christmas and Easter Catholic”, a resolution to become a more regular attender would be the most appreciated present you could give Jesus.


  • “The family that prays together stays together”. Now might be the time to renew the practice of grace before meals … and include some short intentions relevant to the needs of each member – present or absent. Invite each one present to contribute an intention.


  • Invite someone outside your circle of friends to join your group in a social or sporting activity.


  • Volunteer to give some time to work in the local Vinnies shop.