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10th – 17th November 2013

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We honour the traditional owners of this land, the Kwat Kwat peoples and the Wiradjuri Nation

St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop Patron of the Diocese of Wagga, pray for us.

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This week’s Food for Thought

Australian CATHOLICS – Christmas 2013

The Christmas edition of Australian Catholics explores what it means when Jesus asks us to ‘love our neighbour’.

It is easy to see how this applies to those who are already close to us, but it’s a different matter for us to find a place in our hearts for those we don’t know well, especially those who have different beliefs, language or skin colour, – or even those who are recently moved to our beautiful town of Corowa.

The article ‘Friends across faiths’ (p.12) considers how Anousha and Brigid became friends at their Catholic school, despite coming from different religious backgrounds.

Anousha, a Hindu, says she has learned to be ‘accepting of all religions as we believe they are all different pathways to an ultimate goal’. She says she felt welcome to participate in the life of her school, and would be happy to educate her own children in the Catholic system.

Brigid, a Catholic, says she can see God working through Anousha. She quotes St Paul: ‘There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord….’

When we encounter someone with a different religious or cultural background to ours, we remember God’s love for that person is no different to his love for us. This encourages us to open our hearts to them.

Jesus invites us to love many different kinds of people and perhaps the clearest example is in the parable of the Good Samaritan. A devout Jew had asked Jesus ‘Who is my neighbour?’ So Jesus gave him, and us, that powerful example of helping someone in need, even if we don’t know them.

In the story, Jesus very pointedly shows how two devout Jews passed by the injured ‘half-dead’ man. They were worried they might become ‘unclean’ by touching the stranger; they did not see him as a ‘neighbour’, even though the injured man may well have been Jewish.

The man who stops and helps is an irreligious foreigner, and certainly not a recognized neighbour. Jesus asked: “Who proved himself a neighbour to the injured man?” The answer is clear.

We don’t decide who we shall be a neighbour to. People decide for us who they are when they come to us in need. Our love is measured by the claim others make on us.

Love of neighbour is central to our faith, but it cannot be separated from Christ’s love for us. Jesus told us: “Love one another AS I have loved you.”

We know Jesus went to the very limit – to death itself – in order to save us. So our Christ-like love for our brothers and sisters – and particularly for strangers – harbours no limits. That is the point of the Good Samaritan story.

Who are being unjustly treated in Australian society today? – Refugees, indigenous Australians… Who are today’s ‘outcasts’?

Who are being unjustly treated, by-passed, or overlooked in Corowa today? Have we got the ‘eyes of Jesus’ to see them and the heart of Jesus to welcome them, to make them feel ‘at home’ here? Jesus want us to do it – every day….

Read Australian CATHOLICS this week.

Parish Events Week 32: 9th  – 17 th  Nov

Saturday 9th Lateran Basilica Dedication

6.30pm Vigil Mass (Frs. L & K Wright, Alma O’Brien)

Sunday 10th 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)

Monday 11th St Martin of Tours

9.00am Mass (Marie Bax & families)

Tuesday 12th St Josaphat

9.00am Mass   (Percy, Sutcliffe & Day Families)

Wednesday 13th    

9.00am Mass (Pat Leddin; Gauci family)

11.00am Communion to homes & Karinya

Thursday 14th

11.30am Novena.

12.00noon (Zita & John Walsh; Mario Caminito)

Friday 15th

10.00am Anointing Mass in hall & cuppa (Mass is offered for all the sick of the parish)

Communion to Homes

Community Prayer Spot at Presbyterian Hall

Saturday 16th

8.45amRosary & Mass (Asmusson & O’Brien fms)

6.30pm Vigil Mass (Eileen Dormer; Ron Bennett & Families

Sunday 17th  33rd  Sunday in Ordinary Time

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)

Remember in Prayer

Recently deceased: Frances Hanrahan, Kathleen Keyes, Pauline Harris, Alma O’Brien,

Bishop Brennan, Alan Whitty, Dimpy Weston.

During November: All the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

 Roster 16th  – 17th  Nov


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N.B. Changes to Altar Roster

M. Fitzgibbon Nov. 23rd – 30th

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