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01 – 7th December 2013

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“Jesus is the reason for the Season” was the reminder some years ago telling people not to forget that Christmas is the Birthday of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

For those who come to Mass regularly and are attuned to the ‘seasons’ of the Church Year, that statement is obvious.

However, recently, an Advent Reflection crossed this office desk that was quite unique. It is from St Patrick’s Parish, Fremantle. It is on our website under the title ‘Advent 2013’ and is reproduced here because of its challenging & heart-warming relevance:

Birthday Presents for Jesus??

 Dear Friend,

As Christmas approaches I’d like to share with you a simple story I came across some years ago called “Mary’s Dream”:

Mary’s Dream

“I had a dream, Joseph. I don’t understand it, but I think it was about a birthday celebration for our son.

The people in my dream had been preparing for about six weeks. They had decorated the house and bought new clothes. They’d gone shopping many times and bought many elaborate gifts.

It was peculiar, though, because the Presents weren’t for our son. They wrapped them in beautiful paper and stacked them under a tree. Yes, a tree, Joseph, right inside their homes! They’d decorated the tree with sparkling ornaments. There was a figure like an angel on the top of the tree.

Everyone was laughing and happy. They gave the gifts to each other Joseph, not to our son. I don’t think they even knew him. They never mentioned his name.

I had the strangest feeling that, if our Jesus had gone to this celebration, he would have been intruding. How sad for someone not to be wanted at his own birthday party! I’m glad it was only a dream.

How terrible, Joseph, if it had been real!”

(Author Unknown)

I shared the story with my parishioners at the time and some were so moved by it that they resolved to compile a list of birthday “Presents for Jesus” – a Christmas list for themselves and to share with others. Their brainstorming resulted in more than 100 ideas. Here we have space only for the first few. Others will be added in each Advent Bulletin.

My hope and theirs is that you will read the list of suggestions that follow and give one or more of the suggested presents to Jesus this Christmas along with your other gifts. Or you may think of another present that He would enjoy.

I’m sure that if you chose any one of the presents listed, or gave something similar, Jesus would be delighted. And I’m also sure, given the delight Jesus enjoys in receiving His birthday gifts, Mary and Joseph would also smile with satisfaction knowing her dream was in fact ‘unreal’.

God Bless, Father John Archbold, OMI.

Christmas (Birthday) Gifts for Jesus – [The gifts, under several headings, will be continued next Bulletin.] Today’s list:

Gifts for adults   –

Give a Christian book as a Christmas gift (e.g. “The Real MacKillop”, “The Salvado Memoirs”, “Francis – the Pope from the End of the World” by Jose Ruiz Marquez).

2. Give a gift subscription for the Catholic Weekly, or the MAMI Newsletter of the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate at: www.mami.org.au,  or Columban Fathers’ mag: The Far East. Go online to subscribe at: www.columban.org.au

Personal –

Send a Christmas card to someone you may have deliberately or      inadvertently hurt, together with a note or letter of apology.

For Family –

Make the nativity scene the focus of all Christmas decorating      themes (i.e. the roof, dining table etc).

For Young Children –

Read a short version of the true Christmas story before opening the Christmas presents.

For Teens –

Assist your teachers in any “anti-bullying” efforts your school might implement.


Parish Events Advent Week I : 01 – 07 Dec

Saturday 30th Nov 

6.30pmVigil Mass (Sue Bradley; Colin Robinson; Ron Rippingale)

Sunday 01 Dec ADVENT I

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)

Monday 2nd – 5th Dec  

No Masses

Wednesday 4th Dec  

11.00am Communion to homes & Karinya

Thursday 5th Dec

11.30am Novena.

12.00 Communion Service w Readings for feast of St Francis Xavier (usu 3rd Dec.)

 Friday 6th Dec

10.00am Mass of Anointing at Karinya (Intention: Doris Cofield & All the Sick)

Communion to Homes

Community Prayer Spot at Presbyterian Hall

Saturday 7th Dec

8.45amRosary – (Paul Woytowycz; Own Doyle)

6.30pmVigil Mass (Jane, Francis & Carmel Alderman)

Sunday 8th Dec.  ADVENT II

9.00am Mass (Pro populo – for all parishioners)     

Remember in Prayer

Recently deceased: Frances Hanrahan, Kathleen Keyes, Pauline Harris, Alma O’Brien,

Bishop Brennan, Alan Whitty, Dimpy Weston.

Roster 14th  – 15th Dec


6.30pm J Clohessy & B O’Donoghue

9.00am CWL


6.30pm A Norman & G Kingston

9.00am M Kelly & M Milthorpe

Special Ministers:

6.30pm A Pilgrim & M Skehan

9.00am B Christie & R Taylor

Altar M. Fitzgibbon


6.30pm M Clohessy & M Skehan

9.00am C Sandral

Altar Servers:

6.30pm G & S Knight

9.00am J Kingston & M Rogers

Collection: T Moroney

Counters: C Erickson & M Lethbridge

Parish Raffle 11th – 14th Dec 2013


1ST (Total value $350) 3 days – 2 nights for 2, or a family, at The Alpenhorn Holiday Units, Tawonga South + $100 cash for food provisions. [Click on “Alpenhorn” to view the website.]

2nd $100 Safeway Food Voucher.

3rd (Value $50) Christmas stocking – games, candies, toys.