Bulletin 7th September – 14th September 2013

Parish Events Week 23 – 7th Sept – 14th Sept 2013

Saturday 7th

6.30pm Vigil Mass (Andrea Zabilowicz & Nagle Families)

Sunday 8th  Supporting Marriage Week

9.00am Mass For First Holy Communion

Monday 9th

9.00am Mass(Special Intention  P.M.P)

9.30am Wrap with Love, Parish hall

Tuesday 10th

9.00am Mass(Ron Beamish; Martin Moriarty)

Wednesday 11th   

9.00am Mass(Chic O’Donoghue; Jack Montgomery)

9.30am Scripture at CPS

11.00am Communion to homes

Thursday 12th Holy Name of Mary

11.30am Novena.

12.00noon Mass (Dimpy Weston & King Families)

Friday 13th St John Chrysostom

9.00am mass (John Dormer; Paddy Clohessy)

11.00am Communion to Homes

12.00noon. Community Prayer Spot, Presbyt’n


 Saturday 14th The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

8.45am Rosary & Mass(Bishop Brennan & Fm)

6.30pmVigil Mass(Honor McDonald & Nagle Fm)

Sunday 15th

9.00am Mass

10.45 Mass Coreen


A Pilgrimage of Faith,

Visiting the Holy Land – Jesus Spots

Wed 18 Sept, 7-8pm

St Mary’s School Library.

Please bring a plate.

Two Pilgrims share their journey.


Remember in Prayer

Renewed faith in the Eucharist & Confirmation.

All victims of neglect, violence, abuse.

The many sick/recovering, carers & families.

Recently deceased: Bishop Brennan, Alan Whitty, Carmel Coulthard,  Dimpy Weston( King), Marianne Marsden, Peter Kelly,                  Pat Fogarty, Marj Strachan, Ken Hughes, Marie Kaitler, Belinda Nagle, Kathleen Harders, Thomas Tomlinson,


Youth Expo 2013

Come & Experience God’s love for you.

A retreat for young people 13-30yrs

Held at St Patrick’s Albury 11-13 October

Contact: Andrew Flores-

Or register online – www.youthexpo.tk


First communion Group 2013

Tylar Boyer, Ebony Boyle, Noah Esplana, Dylan Forge, Luke Heagney, Sarah Knight, Ryan Heagney, Stephanie Lassey, Molly Pearce, Sharakena O’Halloran, Olivia Smerdon, Rebecca Upton, Amy & Mitchell Van Orsouw, Jordan Villanueva, Nicholas Wait,

 Isabelle Walton.

Roster 14th – 15th  Sept


6.30pm J Clohessy B O’Donoghue

9.00am CWL


6.30pm A Norman G Kingston

9.00am M Kelly M Milthorpe

Special Ministers:

6.30pm A Pilgrim M Skehan

9.00am B Christy R Taylor

Altar: N Warhust


6.30pm M Clohessy M Skehan

9.00am C Sandral

Altar Servers:

6.30pm T Moore L Heagney

9.00am B Willett-Linsell R Heagney

Collection: J Taylor

 Counters: L & N Hughes

Stations of the Cross

We are attempting to restore the Stations.

Mona Goubran, a Sydney art-restorer, coming in school holidays.